One Month Update & New Freebie for February!

So it looks like tomorrow marks my one-month blogiversary ^-^ I have to say that I’m ecstatic that I have so many new followers and fans in such a short time! I really hope I can keep it up and reach more and more people as time progresses 😀 A few updates feel in order: I’ve made up a small handful of free projects to

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Freebie Friday: The Retro Circle Purse

Here’s #4! A little bit of an experimental project ^-^ With this bag, the zipper isn’t on the top, but rather on the side. So you can open up the side to reach everything all the way to the very bottom. It’s kinda crazy probably – actually yeah, it’s crazy. But that was one of the reasons I wanted to make free patterns for this

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Freebie Friday: The Zipper Bucket Bag

Whew! I’ve been busy all week working on cleaning up the sushi plush patterns for my Monthly Crafting Challenge. So there was no post mid-week, but I’m back for what I hope to be a weekly thing — that is, Freebie Fridays ^w^ Here’s #3! I think I’m on a roll! Both the outer fabric and lining were leftover from some projects I made from

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Freebie Friday: The Zippered iPad Case

Here’s #2! It’s a little bit harder than the first project, but it’s hard to pass up such a sophisticated way to hold your iPad 😀 This fabric was a leftover rayon suiting from some pants that I made. I’m kind of a plaid pants freak ^w^ The zipper was leftover from a bag project and the inner seams are bound with some bias tape

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Freebie Friday: The Frayed Tote Bag

So here it is! My first free project for you all! My goal is definitely that this be the first of many more to come 😀 This first leg of my mission to bust all my scraps came from some leftover fabric from a Nintendo bag I made for my boyfriend ^-^ I thought I might keep it simple with this first project and do

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