Free Pattern Friday! Lapras Plush

Hi everyone!We’ve got yet another Pokemon that has made its way to the top of my pattern poll. This time it’s Lapras! This gentle water and ice Pokemon looks a bit like a plesiosaur. It has kind of an elusive and mysterious air to it, so I can see how it became so popular! This particular version has a big chubby body, puffy flippers, curly

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Swamp & Sea Creatures Sale! And New Alligator Plush Pattern 🐊

Hello everyone! An alligator creeped up pretty high on my pattern poll, and it seemed like the next best animal to try out next since nearly all the others above it are fanart 🥰 This one turned out like a spiritual successor to my lizard pattern, and it has the same quirky look but with some major changes. It has a super long body with

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Free Pattern Friday! Platypus Plush

Hi everyone! The next animal that’s risen to the top of my pattern poll is a platypus! What’s not to love about these adorable guys? This Australian monotreme has the awesome mix of a duck bill with a beaver tail and webbed feet. The plush version has all the same details in a chubby package. The pattern has a good bit of darts in the

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Free pattern update week! Including Twig & Mothra hacks & more ♥

Hello everyone! June turned out to be a very busy month for me so I couldn’t create a new shop pattern. But I took a page from last month to create some updates and hacks to previous patterns! These are more well-needed additions that I wish I had time for when the patterns were first made, but couldn’t manage to see it through.So this week

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Free Pattern Friday! Mew Plush

Hi everyone! So many Pokemon have risen to the top of my pattern poll! So here we go on the next one — it’s Mew! The last Pokemon of the first generation. This adorable legendary Pokemon has a tiny body with big feet and a fun wavy tail. It would be a perfect chance to use some wire in the tail so it’s posable. So

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Ankylosaur & Parasaur patterns for sale plus a free update!

Hello everyone! I’ve got a few new patterns in my shop, plus a free update of an older pattern! When I did my dinosaur plush bundle back in November of last year, there were a few species I wanted to do but didn’t quite have time for — namely the ankylosaurus and parasaurolophus. There was also the more accurate feathered version of a raptor that

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