Reptile Sale! And new Chameleon Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve recently added to my shop! A chameleon is an animal that is near the top of the poll and seemed like an awful lot of fun! It’s a lizard with a very distinctive shape and character to it I think In this version, the head has big expressive eyes and a little pointed head crest in back.

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Free Pattern Friday! Kirby Plush

Hi everyone! This cute puffball almost doesn’t need an introduction — it’s Kirby! This beloved Nintendo character has been the star of dozens of adorable games since 1992. The plush has a pudgy round body with stumpy arms and big shoes. He’s got an adorable smiling face and sits nicely on his own. Since he’s just a body with shoes tacked on, he comes together

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Woodland Animal Sale! 🦦 And New Otter & Weasels Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve recently added to my shop! An otter was another classic animal near the top of the request poll. And it is an animal I’ve done a few times in different variations. But once again I thought a more typical style was missing, perhaps with some other mustelids grouped into the mix! And by mustelids I mean other

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Free Pattern Friday! Kimono & Yukata Expansion Pack

Hi everyone!Today’s pattern is a doll clothing expansion I’ve been getting many requests for, a kimono! So these garments are versions of the traditional Japanese clothing that are meant to fit all the patterns in my doll line. These include: Bat & Cat Girl Plush Doll Jack & Sally Plush Doll Chibi Human Plush Doll Standing Animal Plush Doll Merpeople Plush Doll Anthro Woodland Animal

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Spring Sale! 🌸 And new Rabbit Plush Pattern! 🐇

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve recently added to my shop!With spring upon us in the northern hemisphere it seemed like a perfect time to try out the rabbit pattern requested on my poll. I realize I’ve done many rabbits in the past, but looking back I realize I was doing a lot of simplified versions. I think I was missing a sort

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Free Pattern Friday! Mimikyu Plush

Hi everyone! Today’s free pattern is a Pokemon that’s been a fan favorite ever since it was first released — Mimikyu! This lonely little guy is a ghost-type that doesn’t show his face. Instead he’s disguised himself as Pikachu to take advantage of the mascot’s popularity. So this plush’s body is just a Pikachu disguise, complete with tattered-looking bottom edge, floppy misshapen ears, and a

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