Black Friday Sale! And New Farm Birds Plush Pattern Collection! 🦃

Hi everyone!And happy Thanksgiving to all my followers in the US!Like every year I’m running a Black Friday sale! It runs from now through November 29th.It’s a ‘buy more, save more’ kind of sale where you get a larger percentage off your purchase depending on the number of items you buy ♥ So there are no coupons to remember, no dollar amounts to reach, everything

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Free Pattern Friday! Luna, Artemis, & Diana Plush

Hey everyone!I’m back to pulling the top-ranking characters from my pattern poll, and up next on the list is Luna from Sailor Moon! And of course that means I have to do Artemis and Diana too!This adorable kitty family has a cute “sitting pretty” pose; sitting straight up with arms out in front and tiny back paws beneath the legs. They have small little noses

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Spooky Sale! And New Poison Apple Plush pattern! 💀🍎

Hi everyone!I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop!I had kind of a hectic month so I didn’t have time to tackle a bigger project this time around. But I still wanted to make time for my yearly Halloween sale! So I whipped up a short and sweet pattern with this poison apple! I guess it counts as the “Food or Fruit

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Free Pattern Friday! Oogie Boogie Plush

Hey everyone!Of course for October I had to do Oogie Boogie! He’ll be a perfect companion to Jack & Sally if you’re a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas. This version is sort of a beanie style. He’s got a lower half filled with poly pellets for a slouchy look. Meanwhile the arms and legs are extensions of the body so they make that rumpled

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New Shop Pattern! Hippogriff Plush 🦅🐎

Hi everyone!I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop!A hippogriff is an animal that’s been near the top of my pattern poll for most of the year, and I finally felt ready to tackle it! A hippogriff of course is much like a griffin, but it’s a combination of an eagle and a horse rather than a lion. If you remember Buckbeak

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Free Pattern Friday! Arcanine Plush

Hi everyone!Yet another adorable Pokemon has climbed its way to the top of my list, this time it’s Arcanine! It’s the evolution of Growlithe, and boy does it show! This cute puppy has a whole bunch of details compared to its first form.It has a cute sitting pose with big front and back paws. It leans over a little onto its arms for more of

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