Free Pattern Friday! Arcanine Plush

Hi everyone!Yet another adorable Pokemon has climbed its way to the top of my list, this time it’s Arcanine! It’s the evolution of Growlithe, and boy does it show! This cute puppy has a whole bunch of details compared to its first form.It has a cute sitting pose with big front and back paws. It leans over a little onto its arms for more of

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Labor Day sale! And New Isopod Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve recently added to my shop!After my last massive pattern update I wanted to tackle something a little simpler. An isopod has a lot of votes on my pattern poll, and it seemed like a lot of fun! This cute little bug is of course also known as a pillbug or a roly poly 😊In this version, I

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Free Pattern Friday! Eeveelution Sitting Plush

Hi everyone!This pattern has been the highest on my pattern poll since the beginning of this year, but being such a big project, I didn’t have a chance to dig into it. But I finally can now, so thank you all for your patience! It’s the long-awaited Eeveelution set! I had done a set of Eeveelutions before, in a simple blob form. But everyone has

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Free King (from Owl House) pattern hack! 👑 Plus a store sale! ♥

Hello everyone! Any fans of The Owl House should hopefully recognize this cute Titan! As he gathered votes on my pattern poll, I saw the development going a lot of ways. Here’s what I came up with! In official artwork of King, I thought he looked a lot like my older Standing Animal plush pattern. So first we have a free pattern hack to turn

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Free Pattern Friday! Quetzalcoatl Plush

Hi everyone! This ancient Aztec deity surprised me when I first started getting requests for him, but once I started doing research on the design I saw how fun the idea could be. So thank you for all those that suggested and voted! This Aztec creator deity literally translates to feathered serpent, though he has other forms as well. In this plush version we’re making

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Reptile Sale! And new Chameleon Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve recently added to my shop! A chameleon is an animal that is near the top of the poll and seemed like an awful lot of fun! It’s a lizard with a very distinctive shape and character to it I think In this version, the head has big expressive eyes and a little pointed head crest in back.

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