End of Year Sale! ❄️ and New Cuddle Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone! And Happy Holidays! This year I’m running an End of Year sale! So for anyone that prefers to do their shopping after Christmas, everything is at least 20% off from now through January 1st! Plus everything I produced (or updated) in 2022 will be 30% off! And for those that already have everything, I also have a new pattern for the sale! The

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Free Pattern Friday! Snorlax Plush

Hi everyone! Looks like we’re finishing out the year with one more Pokemon! And it’s pretty perfect to have this big jolly boy that’s already so Santa-like for December. It’s the loveable sleepy Pokemon Snorlax! It’s a super chubby version that’s a decent bit bigger than the other Pokemon so far. It also has tiny pointy ears, and stubby arms and feet with tiny claws

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Black Friday Sale! and New Pouch Pets Plush Pattern! 🍄

Hello everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers in the US! Like every year I’m running a Black Friday sale! It runs from now through November 30th. It’s a ‘buy more, save more’ kind of sale where you get a larger percentage off your purchase depending on the number of items you buy ♥ So there are no coupons to remember, no dollar amounts

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Free Pattern Friday! Momo Plush

Hi everyone! It took a little bit, but we finally have a little buddy for Appa! Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will of course recognize Momo, the flying lemur. This version has a cute sitting pose, but it also has all the other distinctive features like big wing arms, a long tail, and huge striped ears! Momo has a lot of body markings, so

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Halloween sale! Plus Pet Bird & Plague Bird Plush Pattern 👻

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve recently added to my shop! I had been promising to do a bird collection for fans for quite some time now, and I finally had the chance to tackle this big project! Goodness knows there are thousands of bird species, so at least to start I thought this group could cover some popular pet birds and some

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Free Pattern Friday! Gengar Plush

Hi everyone! Those who saw Gengar on my pattern poll must have known I was going to break out this bad boy for October! It’s the perfect time to sew up this awesome ghost Pokemon! It’s got a super round chubby body, tiny arms and legs, rows of scary spikes, and a big creepy smile. It has some challenges with lining up the legs and

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