Free Pattern Friday! Pterodactyl Plush

Hi everyone! I realize my pattern collection could use some more dinosaurs, and my pattern poll has steered me towards this cute pterodactyl! I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a little friend for my previous T-Rex pattern 🦖 So this pterodactyl has a similar body to the T-Rex, except of course with a smaller tail and wings instead of arms. Meanwhile the

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Dragon Sale! Plus Free Wings of Fire Dragon Pattern Hacks!

Hello everyone! I’m currently having a sale in my shop! For the next week all of my dragon patterns are 20% off and everything else is 10% off. Meanwhile my Wyvern & Dragon pattern is 30% off! Why’s that? Well, I’ve created a new pattern hack that works with it perfectly 💚 Requests for the Wings of Fire Dragonets have gained lots of momentum over

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Free Pattern Friday! Elephant Plush

Hi everyone! This animal has been on my pattern request list for some time, so I’m glad I’m finally able to get to it — it’s a cute elephant! When trying to decide how it might look, it seemed like a great opportunity to take advantage of the tiny body from the cow plush from back in February. So if you’ve made the cow previously

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Summer Sale! Plus new Woodland Animal Neck Plush

Hello everyone!I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop! Here’s the version of my neck animals that I was finally building up to — woodland animals! I was already brimming with ideas for these since the Neck Dragons from January, because what could be better than a cute plush version of the fox wraps and stoles of yesteryear? Except of course 6

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Free Pattern Friday! Chibi Dragon & Unicorn Plush Backpack

Hi everyone! My long-time Patreon followers might know this little history tidbit, but back in 2019, my Night & Light Fury backpack plush went through several iterations. Before it became Toothless, it was originally a generic baby dragon and unicorn, complete with little chubby snouts! I changed my mind when I realized Toothless would be more popular, and the original dragon & unicorn templates were

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New Shop Pattern! Doll Clothing Essentials Expansion

Hi everyone! I’ve got a new expansion pack sewing pattern I’ve added to my shop! I’ve had a good number of requests for an expansion pack of basic doll clothes — like t-shirts, button down shirts, pants, etc. The sort of clothing the average person might wear, rather than weird fantasy or silly stuff I am so fond of making 😂 Some of these basic

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