Reptile Sale! And new Lizard Plush Pattern with Free Bruni Hack! 🦎

Hello everyone!A bearded dragon was pretty high on my pattern poll, and it seemed like a fun one to tackle next! Fellow plush pattern maker NazFX has a fantastic semi-realistic bearded dragon, so I thought it might go more silly and stylized with mine. I was really inspired by Bruni from Frozen 2 — I’ve had a few requests for him so I used his

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Free Pattern Friday! Charmander Plush

Hi everyone! I couldn’t resist the urge to make this Charmander match the previous Vulpix and Pikachu that I’ve done so they’re a great matching set. This version is a little taller in both the body and head to fit his proportions. It also has a small rounded snout, clawed feet, and a curved tail with the classic flame at the end. Perhaps in the

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Spring Sale! And new Farm Mammals Plush Pack 🐮

Hello everyone! In anticipation for Easter coming up in a few weeks, I’m having a spring sale! Everything spring-related, like bunnies, chicks, and unicorns are 20% off! But I’ve also added a new pattern that I think also fits the spring theme quite well 🌼 I’ve been getting requests for many of these farm animals for quite some time, some more popular than others. But

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Free Pattern Friday! Wolf Plush

Hi everyone! So a wolf really shot up to the top of my pattern poll! I had planned on trying something epic with it later in the year, but with so many votes I thought it best to create a simple and fun free version for now ♥ This version is a cute handheld size plush that would be great as a beanie or for

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New Shop Pattern & Sale! Moth & Butterfly Plush 🦋

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop! I’ve had a handful of requests for various moth & butterfly species over the years, and they’ve gradually ramped up until they eventually ended up on my pattern poll! Species such as a luna moth, rosy maple moth, and Venezuelan poodle moth came up a lot and you’ll find them in this

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Free Pattern Friday! Stitch & Angel Plush

Hi everyone!So the runaway hit on my pattern poll for this year was Stitch! It’s exciting that this little guy is still so beloved due to all the shows being made after the original movie And because it’s February, I figure how perfect to make him along with his girlfriend, Angel!So this pattern has the option to make the classic “disguised” Stitch, and the alien

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