My name is Choly Knight and I design kawaii sewing patterns! On this site you can find free resources for sewing cute things with a slant toward the Japanese kawaii style — think animals with big heads, little bodies, and sweet simple faces. I have a vast collection of free sewing patterns, mostly plush toys but you’ll find cute wearables, home decor, and bags/pouches as well. I typically post a new free pattern about once a month.

I got my start as a sewing business creating handmade fanart items at anime conventions. So you might find my pattern construction and instructions lean toward projects that can be done quickly by machine to easily fill up your shop table and have high potential for customization. You could say I design the kind of patterns I wish I had access to when I started out — which is why I allow others to use my patterns when selling their own hand-sewn work! (If they’re kind enough to credit back to me ♥)

On this blog you’ll also find updates for other projects I’m working on, typically paid patterns for my store. Unlike my simpler free patterns, my paid patterns tend to be more complex and detailed. I also enjoy designing custom fabric for Spoonflower (a fabric printing site). I use my free patterns in conjunction with Spoonflower to create cut & sew fabric kits. These kits have the plush faces, sewing markings, and fun motifs printed right into the fabric.

If you’re interested in learning more about sewing, I have a tutorials page that will introduce you to some helpful info for sewing plush toys. Or if you’d like to jump into the free patterns, check out the buttons down below, or the links in the top menu. If you’d like to learn a bit more about me and my history, check out the About Me link.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your sewing adventure!