Lunar New Year sale! Plus Chinese Zodiac Animal Plush pattern

Hello everyone!I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop! I’ve gotten requests for a set of the animals from the Chinese Zodiac for so many years now! I’m not Chinese myself, but I did my best to research the topic and give it the due diligence it deserves. So please don’t take my words about the tradition as an authority, but definitely

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Free Sewing Guide! Starter Pack Plush Pattern

Hi everyone!I haven’t started on projects from my most recent pattern poll yet, but thank you to everyone that’s casting their votes! In the meantime, I wanted to do a project that responds to some other requests — more beginner patterns! I often come across new fans that don’t know how to sew and ask where should they start. This new pattern is my response

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Holiday Sale! Plus new Prince & Princesses Expansion Pack

Hi everyone!I’m having one last holiday sale for any last minute shoppers and makers out there!And to add to the fun I’ve created another expansion pack pattern for my doll collection I’ve had a lot of requests for a classic prince & princess fairy tale combo. So this pack shows you how to make various dresses and princely clothing. The dresses are the classic style

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Black Friday Sale! and New Dinosaur Plush Bundle Sewing Pattern! 🦖

Hello everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers in the US! Like every year I’m running a Black Friday sale! It runs from now through December 1st. It’s a ‘buy more, save more’ kind of sale where you get a larger percentage off your purchase depending on the number of items you buy ♥ So there are no coupons to remember, no dollar amounts

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Free Pattern Friday! Polar Bear Plush

Hi everyone! For those that celebrate Christmas, I couldn’t resist the urge to make something with a Santa hat for December, so I came up with this little polar bear! It has a similar body to the Pikachu & Vulpix from a while back, but it has big bear paws, tiny ears, and a cute chubby muzzle. Meanwhile the fun Santa hat has tiny ear

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Free Pattern Friday! Opossum Plush

Hi everyone! Up next on my pattern poll for this year is a request for an opossum! These are obviously very underrated little darlings and I couldn’t resist the urge to make them extra cute! They have big shining eyes with big ears, tiny fingers and toes, curly tails, and slightly longer snouts than I usually make. It was while I was designing it that

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