Free Pattern Friday! Polar Bear Plush

Hi everyone! For those that celebrate Christmas, I couldn’t resist the urge to make something with a Santa hat for December, so I came up with this little polar bear! It has a similar body to the Pikachu & Vulpix from a while back, but it has big bear paws, tiny ears, and a cute chubby muzzle. Meanwhile the fun Santa hat has tiny ear

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Free Pattern Friday! Opossum Plush

Hi everyone! Up next on my pattern poll for this year is a request for an opossum! These are obviously very underrated little darlings and I couldn’t resist the urge to make them extra cute! They have big shining eyes with big ears, tiny fingers and toes, curly tails, and slightly longer snouts than I usually make. It was while I was designing it that

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Free Pattern Friday! Bulbasaur Plush

Hi everyone! This awesome Pokemon has been on my poll list for this year, and I purposely put it off until October — a Bulbasaur! Making this little guy really took me back to a few years ago when I used to make Bulbasaur hoodies to order. Sadly I don’t anymore since my schedule is just chock full of pattern making, but it was a

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Halloween Sale! and new Grim Reaper Plush pattern 💀

Hi everyone! I’m having a Halloween sale from now through the 13th! Everything is at least 20% off and all spooky patterns are 30% off, including a new pattern 🖤 I’ve had a lot of requests for a Grim Reaper, and Halloween seemed like the perfect time to create one! I really enjoyed the chubby Plague Doctor I created last year, so I decided to

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Free Pattern Friday! Giraffe Plush

Hi everyone!This animal is up next on my pattern poll list — a sweet little giraffe! It seems like another great companion to the previous cow and elephant I did earlier in the year. I had a hard time deciding whether to make the face long or give it a cute chubby snout. As you can see I decided for the latter. I also couldn’t

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Labor Day Sale and New Shop Pattern! School Uniforms Expansion Pack

Hi everyone! I’ve got a new expansion pack sewing pattern I’ve added to my shop! I’ve been promising this pack for a long time — school uniforms! With September being back to school season, it seemed like a perfect time to release it. This pack has all of the classic elements to make a standard school uniform, like slacks, button down shirt, necktie, blazer, pleated

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