Memorial Day Sale! Plus new Mer-animal Neck Plush Sewing Pattern

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop! Since my Neck Dragon Plush earlier in the year, I’ve been excited to try other variations, including unicorns, foxes, wolves, and the like. But I thought before I do that, I’d try a version that’s perfect for #MerMay — various mer-animals! I had trouble deciding which animals, so I did a mer-pony,

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Free Pattern Friday! Manta Ray Plush

Hi everyone! I’m continuing on my pattern poll quest which means a manta ray was up next! Patterns for these are relatively plentiful on the internet already, particularly this awesome one by BeeZeeArt. So I wanted to set mine apart by making it extra chubby and adding some spots inspired by an eagle ray. It’s even easier than the frog pattern I did last month,

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New Shop Pattern! Doll Armor Expansion Pack

Hi everyone! I’ve got a new pattern I’ve added to my shop! Among the requests I get for new doll expansions, ones for medieval fairy tale type adventures come up a lot — like witches, knights, and princesses. Well, last September I covered the witches, so now knights are up on the list! With this new expansion pack you can make armor for all of

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Free Pattern Friday! Frog Plush

Hi everyone! I’m cracking down hard on the 2021 pattern poll and made this frog plush pattern! Seems like a perfect fit for springtime (in the northern hemisphere) <3 I struggled a little with this one since I wanted it to look semi-realistic. It had to have that simple blob body, but still maintain the tiny webbed feet and hands. I hope you all are

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New Shop Pattern! Faun & Anthro Animal Doll Plush

Hi everyone! I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop! I’m keeping the anthro animal train going with these anthro hoofed animals like unicorns, deer, and goats! They have intricate angled legs that make them perfect for fauns/satyrs (a human/goat hybrid) too! It’s part of my doll series, so it can wear many of the same clothes are my other dolls and

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Free Pattern Friday! Vulpix Plush

Hi everyone! So I’ve been keeping a close eye on my ongoing pattern poll for 2021 <3 At the time I planned on making this, Vulpix was very near the top! But things quickly changed and now lots of other animals have taken the top spot, haha! So needless to say I have my work cut out for me next month, but for now here’s

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