Free Pattern Friday! T-Rex Plush

Hi everyone!
Finally got to make this highly requested pattern! Dinosaurs are always such a hit with kids so I hope this one is also well loved ❤ This cute T-Rex has classic stubby little arms as well as a large head. It sits well on its own thanks to its big tail. But my favorite part by far has to be his goofy grin!

I had wanted to try giving a plush these cheeky eyes for the longest time and this t-rex was the perfect chance to show them off 😀
The plush has some darts, curved sewing, and tiny pieces, but ultimately nothing too out there compared to others. Though the teeth are done in one large double-ended dart across the head which might seem unusual. Overall I rated it a 3/10.

The original pattern comes with applique templates for both sets of eyes, but there are embroidery files as well! They are able to fit on 4” x 4” machines when the design goes across the diagonal, so be sure to look out for that in the files and the instructions.

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

This tutorial is part of the #sewasoftie blog hop for all of July from and Check out the tutorial for the 6th from Tina @missdaisypatterns!

25 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! T-Rex Plush

  1. Love this cutie. Having trouble downloading the embroidery files….can’t wait to get the cutie made!

  2. I made several of them and they turned out great!!! Had lots of compliments. Also, your directions were very easy to follow. I plan on making more:)

  3. What a great pattern and tutorial! Thank you! Mine came out great. I did it at 3/4 size and added a mask, because COVID.

  4. Dinosaur Unicorn in camouflage colors was a wish from my son. I am very happy with the final look, putting a unicorn horn on your T-rex design. Thanks so much for the free pattern.

  5. Thank you for pattern. I never sew this kind of patterns before. My great grand babies will love them for Easter I got T-Rex. I putting initial on belly

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