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Free Pattern Friday! Tiny Dino Plush


I knew I had wanted to do a dinosaur plush for months now, and I’ve been obsessed with designing things with simple shapes. So those two together brings us this tubby little dino plush! It’s got a round, stubby little body with four tiny legs and lots of spikes going down the back.

If you’re not used to working with really tiny pieces it might be tricky, but it’s also good practice. Other than that it’s just got some darts and curved sewing, so I gave it 2/10 stars in difficulty. If tiny pieces are really difficult for you it might be closer to a 3/10. All in all a decent plush to make if you’re ready to move away from pillow-style soft toys.

I can see using this same pattern for a dragon or other similar animals 😀 Just add some wings on the back and you’re pretty much good to go!


27 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Tiny Dino Plush

  1. *whisper screaming* omg tiny dino buddies!!!

  2. Would the wings from the winged hair clips pattern be a good size for adding to these? The bat wings look like the could be used to modify the pattern to a small dragon!

  3. Thank you for this pattern. I love these kinds of simplified “blob-like” plushes. Please more patterns like this!

  4. These are super cute! Thank you for giving this out!

  5. Adorableness! Thank you.

  6. It’s just sooooooo cute! I am making one for sure!

  7. Thank you again. Happy Holidays and the best of wishes in the new year of the rooster.

  8. Hello, From Your newsletter I got pattern for "Tiny Dino". I attach a final effect enlarged to 150% 🙂 Best regards! Monika Cebula. Dnia 16 grudnia 2016 16:08 Choly Knight <> napisał(a):

    cholyknight posted: " I knew I had wanted to do a dinosaur plush for months now, and I’ve been obsessed with designing things with simple shapes. So those two together brings us this tubby little dino plush! It’s got a round, stubby little body with four tiny legs and lots o"

  9. I love it ^^. But somehow I can’t seem to get the edges on it’s head sewn nicely round. I always get them pointy in the corners T.T
    Do you have any tips on how I should fix that?

    Love your creations by the way ^^.

  10. My grandkids will be taking them as fast as I can make them these are so cute.

  11. I made this on the weekend and I’m so happy with the result! I’m still a beginner (this is the second plush I’ve made), the instructions were perfect and easy to understand, so thank you! 😀
    Here is a picture:

  12. This is the cutest little stuffed animal. It doesn’t look too difficult, so I hope the 2 boxes rating is doable for me. Thank you.

  13. I wish you could make some YouTube videos for these. Some of these tools I’m unfamiliar with and I wish I was following a video to make sure I don’t miss something that pictures can’t convey.

  14. I love them

  15. There are so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  16. I absolutely love this! Your patterns and instructions are helpful because I am kind-of a beginner. I am trying to make your easiest patterns and progress to the harder ones. I was in the middle of sewing the last foot with my machine and the upper thread snapped! I tried adjusting stitch length, thread tension, checking inside the machine, and it still kept happening. I tried again, and it didn’t snap, but it stopped moving my fabric and just stitched in the same place. I am sure the presser foot was down. I tried again, and the same thing! The machine was threaded correctly, I’m almost sure I did everything right. I own a Singer model 3223. Any advice? It seems to only be doing this with fleece.

    • Thanks so much! I’m really glad the patterns have been helpful to you!
      But regarding the thread problem, it kind of sounds like the thread is getting caught on something? This always happens to me when the top thread is caught on the spool or something along the way to the needle. You could try lifting the presser foot and pulling at the thread. Then look at all the areas where it travels to see if there’s an obstruction. And if you don’t see one, sometimes the thread is knotted or kinked somewhere so re-threading does the trick.
      Hopefully that’s the issue! But in the meantime I’ll see if anything else could be causing it 🙂

      • I looked further and it seems to only be doing this with two pieces of fleece stacked. It does just fine with one piece. I’m going to try sewing one layer of fleece on top of a layer of standard cotton fabric. But as for the body, I think I may have to just hand sew it.

      • Okay 🙂 with that new information my next guess would be that it could be the needle. When my needle gets dull it has trouble sewing through multiple layers of thick fabric. Mostly because it throws off the timing so it doesn’t make a stitch properly. Either using a new needle — or in the case of fleece — switching to a needle for knits or stretch fabrics usually does the trick.

  17. I am sewing this by hand and it is going well!! I will send you a picture when I’m done.

  18. I made I albino one and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Thank you so much for this pattern. Please do more free ones soon!

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