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Free Pattern Friday! Night Fury Plush


Well, you guys asked I did my best to deliver! I got a huge demand for a Toothless pattern after releasing the Totoro plush pattern, so I thought I’d give it a go. Hopefully I didn’t disappoint 🙂

I saw some awesome free Toothless patterns already available, so I wanted to see if I could contribute something different but still cute to the mix.
Unlike some of the already existing patterns, it’s not 100% realistic to the proportions in the show, that way it looks a little more baby-like and cuter. It’s got a flat, floppy body much like my bat plush, but still has all of the major details that make Toothless what he is 🙂 Lots of spikes along the head and body, and of course the red tail fin with Viking skull motif.
I must admit there was something really comforting about hugging it because it had so many things to grab onto, haha.

I gave it a 5/10 in difficulty because of all of the tiny details involved as well as the curves sewn in making the body. So it takes quite a bit of time to put together but I really felt it was worth it when it was all done. As you can see I made a dark blue version so you’ll be able to see what’s going on in the step by step instructions instead of a big black hole 🙂 Shall we call this new dragon a ‘Twilight Fury’?
But I think the new color also shows how you can use the pattern to make different kinds of dragons as well. For instance I think its shape and silhouette would make a cute charmander or charizard.

50 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Night Fury Plush

  1. Wow! Thank you!!! Adorable, can’t wait to sew him!

  2. Oh my gosh, he’s so cute! Thank for this, I can’t wait to try this one plus Toothless is me and daughter’s favorite! I’ll have to make two of them, lol!

  3. Wow! He’s so cute! Thanks for the pattern. Now I can replace the Toothless my son stole from my bed 😂

  4. Sooooo cuuute! I love it!! I’ve bee thinking of somehow changing the patterns I have to look like Toothless, but this is great! It’s so pretty how he is curled up with his tail around him just waithing for a hug!!

  5. Oh man, my daughter LOVES toothless. I see this in my future! Thank you soooo much. I love your patterns so much and you are always so generous.

  6. ❤ Wonderfull, thanks 🙂

  7. OMG! I love him! I already loves dragons then when I realized how much Toothless looks like my cat he became a big favorite. I can’t wait to make this. Thank you!

  8. OMG SO ADORABLE! Thanks!

  9. Thank you so much for the generous pattern!

  10. Thank you! I love Toothless!

  11. Hello,

    my english is not so good. Is there guidance perhaps also in German?

    The dragon is so cute.

    I would be very happy about it.

  12. My kids dream has just come true. Thank you so much for this!

  13. He is so adorable, thank you for the pattern.

  14. This is so cute! Thanks a lot!

  15. Thank you for the very cute and clear pattern! My youngest and I had so much fun sewing it together in 6 days😃🐲🐉

  16. Thank you so much for this pattern. Your instructions were clear and easy to follow (the added info notes were super handy!) We made Toothless as a gift for my son’s friend. We’re looking forward to making more of your designs (hardest part will be choosing which one next!) ❤
    Dani & Seth, Melbourne Australia

  17. It’s Tuesday and I can’t find the pattern here, so I take it that it is only free on Friday? I just got the notice today. 😦

  18. I did it 🙂 Thanks a lot! It wasn*t as easy as bats but now it is finished 🙂

  19. obrigadoooo por disponibilizar o projeto

  20. Thanks for sharing, cant wait to downlaod and sew him out! Perfect size for my son! Thanks again.

  21. OMG, your directions are so well laid out. I am so impressed by your tutorial and the format you have. Makes me want more of your patterns. Thank you for sharing this.

  22. Beautiful, thank you very much.

  23. Cannot wait to make this! I made one of your owls for my mom, a bat for my friend, and now I’m gonna make this into a backpack if i can manage it! Thanks so much for providing such amazing patterns for free for all us wannabe plushy artists 🙂

  24. I loved the dragon so much that I made three of them.

  25. Nice! With some adjustments I can make a light fury plush too!

  26. Predem dekuji

  27. Thanks a lot for the awesome pattern.
    I would have liked to send you a picture of our toothless, but I wasn’t able to do it.
    Kind regards,

  28. Do the pattern pieces include the 1/4” seam allowance

  29. Thank you so much for this pattern and tutorial! It was easy to follow, and our dragon came out well!

  30. Thank you. The new doll is awsome too.

  31. Made a new one this one is even better for my little nephew ,hes 4 now. love the sewing did it by hand because i’m not that good with the machine .
    I love all your pattern bought the Dragon backpack thats my next one to make
    Thanks for all your (free) patterns

  32. You probably hear this all the time but you’re patterns are just really inspiring and amazing! This is just an idea, but I think it would be really cool if you had a tutorial for how you turn your concepts into real life plushies, Again I really love your creativity your plushies are my favorite 🙂 🙂 🙂

  33. Thanks for the free Night Fury pattern!

  34. Where do you find the webpage?
    Cuz I can’t find it

  35. Wow!! Thanks for the pattern! I am going to use it to decorate my basement. The kids want to make a little HQ down there

  36. Thanks so much for putting this together for free! I am only 15, and have not sewn much before, but I made this for my little brother’s How to Train Your Dragon birthday party! The instructions were excellent and very detailed, and the pictures were super helpful! I am very happy with the result! Thanks a lot! 😄

  37. Amazing pattern! Thanks for sharing

  38. I love the yeti in Dec. 2015.also the dragon fruit in 2015. I love dragons anyway! with new hair cut and new attitude they would be as good as new! After all they have been sitting on a shelf with no friends, They are going to have new attitude! He is adorable!!

  39. it’s a very nice pattern , the explenation is easy to understand and th result is very beautifull
    Thanks a lot for this pattern .
    It’s a pleasure to sewing this night fury

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