Free Pattern Friday! Night & Light Fury Chibi Plush Backpack

Hi everyone!
As you may know, I’ve done some plush backpacks before for sale, but I had a lot of requests for a free version <3 So I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could design a plush backpack that was a good bit simpler, but still looked like a proper stuffed animal. Which brings us to Toothless & Light Fury!
I had developed this really chubby body shape that has barely any neck so it optimizes the storage space 😀 When you get down to it’s just basically a front and back with a lot of extra details sewn between the seams. It doesn’t have quite as much curved sewing or 3D shapes as my paid backpack patterns.

I found that this shape worked really well for Toothless – and since I hadn’t done anything for the last HTTYD movie I went for it! With any luck it might be helpful to those that wanted something a little easier than my paid backpack patterns. It’s still a little difficult for complete beginners, since it’s both a backpack and a plush and it has a lot of pieces. There’s an option for a non-adjustable strap as well as an adjustable one, so if you stick with non-adjustable that will go faster as well. All in all I rated it a 5/10.

The original pattern comes with applique templates, but there are embroidery files as well 😀 The eyes are stitched with applique because they’re so big, and there are little skulls for the tail fin too. Everything fits on 4” x 4” hoops so no one is left out!

If you want to check out some other fun color variations, I made a regular dragon version from Spoonflower fabric <3 The pieces are available as cut & sew kits – though you still need to provide straps and a zipper. These samples are made from a full yard of fleece, which works well as both the plush material and the inner lining. And Spoonflower is having a free shipping promotion this week too so bonus!

I hope you all enjoy it!

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36 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Night & Light Fury Chibi Plush Backpack”

  1. merci pour ce partage
    .cette petite créature est superbe
    .elle va pouvoir à l’occasion faire des heureux.
    bonne soirée.

  2. This pattern is awesome, thank you! I’m going to order on Spoonflower, the site offers on meter or quarter of meter, is one quarter enough for this pattern? it seems huge! Can i get two or four plushes on one meter?

    Best regards,

    Marie (les krapouilles)

    1. You would probably want one meter for each plush. She says that a yard is needed for each plush and they are similar in size.

  3. Hello Choly,
    I just love your designs and did some of the spoonflower ones (Rat, Fox) already by hand sewing (I don’t have a sewing maschine). I got a question concerning the spoonflower design for the backpack: the recommended material is fleece – I want to make them as plushies, not backpack, will the complete design fit on a meter of minky? According to the spoonflower site, the minky fabric is slightly smaler than the fleece one.
    Thanks again for the amazing patterns.

    1. Hello!
      The design should kind of work on minky. It will just barely cut off some of the pieces, but not so much that it will be unusable. So if you’re willing to improvise a bit it could work 🙂

  4. Hi Choly,
    I absolutely love the patterns you make. I only discovered this website 2 months ago and I’ve already made five of the patterns, with more in the works. I was wondering were you buy your minky fabric, do you buy online or in store?

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for the kind words! ♥ I’m so glad you’re enjoying the patterns 😀
      To answer your question, I nearly all of my minky from I use their Shannon Cuddle 3 the most, but their other varieties are good as well 🙂

    1. Sure! The plush on its own looks a little flat, but it can definitely be done 🙂 You’ll want to combine the Head Back Top & Bottom pieces (J & K) so they’re cut as one piece. Or just sew them together without the zipper and the tabs. Then skip all the steps regarding straps and zippers and whatnot and you should be good to go!

    1. Thanks so much for your interest in my blog! I’ve just submitted your email and you should be receiving a confirmation message that will finalize the subscription 🙂

  5. I completed this project not long ago and wanted to leave a comment saying how perfect the patterns were! They were well informed and great with the instructions, I didnt get confused once!! I’ve improved in my sewing thanks to your patterns, so thank you so much!! im now doing a Kero plush, but going to enlarge it to make a backpack, cant wait! thank you again!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I’m really glad the instructions went over well 🙂 I appreciate the feedback ♥
      I hope you have fun with the Kero plush! Making him into a backpack sounds so fun!

  6. just about finished making this for my toddler and it is turning out soooo cute! Making it out of red and gold since that is the fabric i had on hand. he hasn’t seen the movie yet so won’t know the difference anyway. can’t wait to try out some of your other patterns too, like the catbus and jiji.

    by the way, to make the wings stiff you suggested stuffing the top with hemostats. i found an easier method. most of my stuffing actually came from quilt batting scraps. if you sandwich the wing over some batting while sewing it together, it is pre-lightly stuffed when you flip it right side out and delightfully stiff enough to not droop. lining the liner with batting also helped stuff the dragon as well as make the pocket feel more solid.

  7. Hi, could you make a turtle backpack i think it could be le the plush back pack, but can you make it a free pattern if you make?

  8. Hello, thankyou for this pattern, my grandson is looking forward to recieving the finished item. i have tried to download the embroidery files and when i go to open them it says fatal error in file . i am using pes design 10 to open them, i am wondering if you could help me xxx

    1. Unfortunately I’m not finding many answers regarding the error message you’re getting. May I ask what file format you’re trying to open?

  9. Hey Choly! I love your patterns and have made several! For this I just want to make it a plush not a backpack is that possible?

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying the patterns 🙂 To make this a regular plush and not a backpack, you’ll want to join the head back pieces (top and bottom) so they’re one template and no longer have the zipper in the middle. After that you should be able to follow the directions like usual.

  10. ? I’m sorry if you’ve answered I didn’t want to read all of the responses lol. Do you have this in just the toothless character and not backpack?

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