New Crafting Challenge Plush for April!

Hey everybody! March was a wild ride for me 😀 I opened myself back up for hoodie and hat orders on my Etsy shop, and I’ve been doing things made-to-order style for all my wonderful customers ^-^ I usually prefer to make products first and sell them ready to ship, but this way I can make just the right characters and sizes that people want. … Continue reading New Crafting Challenge Plush for April!

New Freebie for November!

Hello everyone out there! A lot’s happened in October ^0^ I’m sure you’ve seen I’ve been working through my stash of minky fabrics and making loads of plushies. I’m working color by color, so I’ve got a group of green, orange, and blue creations so far, and the next time I update you all should see a family of yellow and purple softies 😀 Now … Continue reading New Freebie for November!