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New Freebie and Updates for December!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! 😀 The first of the month snuck up on me before I knew it, but December is here!
November’s been great, considering I got to hold another giveaway, and my Etsy store got a huge update (along with lots of coupons to share) x3


It’s only too bad that I had to cut back on posting freebies every week in order to balance my work load. That’s still going to continue for a little while, but expect to get another update from me this Friday ^-^ Hopefully soon you’ll get to see the fruits of my labor yet again just like with the Etsy update :B

Even though I just reached my milestone for followers to my main website, my next milestone might be just around the corner! Go check out my comprehensive work portfolio at DeviantArt and help bump my pageviews up if you want to get the next party started faster! 😀
DeviantArt pageviews: 88,246/100,000 = 88%
DeviantArt watchers: 3,405/4,000 = 85%
Facebook likes: 1,135/2,500 = 45%
Tumblr followers: 767/1,000 = 77%
Wordpress followers: 1,101/2,500 = 44%

Of course, the most important of the updates is the last leg of the Monthly Crafting Challenge for 2013!
I saved the best for last in the sushi plush collection, and if you’ve been collecting since the beginning of this little blog, this month you can complete your collection of 12! No set of sushi would be complete without a ginger rose and dollop of wasabi!


I must admit I’m very bittersweet about this collection ending xB I’m sad that it has to be over, but extremely excited to start the new set of plushies for 2014! I do have a theme planned, though they don’t make as much of a neat and easy little package like the sushi collection (that’s pretty hard to outdo :B). But I hope you all like it nonetheless! If you want to take guesses in the comments, I’ll be more than happy to tell you if you’re warm or cold ^-~

If you haven’t signed up for emails yet, you can get this little guy along with the freebie for November today only, and after today the prize is just this guy 🙂 Though you can also purchase the pattern through my Etsy if you’re too late. Just sign up with the entry box on the side of the screen and I’ll send you the latest sushi!

If you’ve already signed up for emails, that’s where the challenge comes in. You can get this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog or my books then email me or message the finished project to my Facebook where I have a really awesome collection going of your creations! Keep it up every month and you’ll get a new free pattern, so don’t forget to check back during January to catch the reveal of the brand new Monthly Crafting Challenge 2014!

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Freebie Friday: The Sakura Purse

This purse came about because I was in one of those moods again like with the Pretty in Plaid Purse project ^-~ I saw this lavender printed canvas and had the urge to make a sweet, feminine little purse that had a darling shape. The word sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom, and it’s the first thing I think of when I see adorable springtime colors like this lavender. So I couldn’t help but want to adorn it with beautiful cherry blossom petals and flowers as if they were cascading down from the top of the purse. The purse is just big enough to hold the essentials, so it’s great for a casual date and would work perfectly in lots of different colors and patterns! I imagine a red and black version would look oh-so-sophisticated ^w^


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Pattern Review: Vogue Knitting’s Floral Scarf

Red Flower ScarfWoo! Finally had a chance to photograph some of the things I’ve been knitting on the side. This is the Floral Scarf, designed by Nicky Epstein, from the Holiday 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting. I remember buying this magazine from a huge lot of old Vogue Knittings from eBay. It was quite a fun adventure building up my magazine stash like that, so I’m incredibly glad that I got around to finally using the patterns.
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