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Shop update! More cut & sew fabrics!

Hey everybody!
For those of you into Spoonflower, I thought I might share this newest update with you! I’m going back and revisiting some of my older patterns to give them the cut & sew treatment 🙂
If you’re not familiar with Spoonflower, it’s a great service with offices in North Carolina and Berlin. They custom print on all kinds of fabric. It’s a fantastic resource for making stuffed animals too because you can print your pattern pieces right on the fabric. And it’s amazing for beginners because you don’t have to learn about how to buy supplies and fabric or how to transfer markings.

The new additions are:
More bat plush designs, which I’ve added kimono patterns to.
The cube puppy plush, which now has 4 different dog breeds like a pug & corgi.
The Unicorn Kitty pillow plush, which is shrunk down to fit ¼ yd. so it’s more classic plush sized.
The owl plush, specifically the heart faced one. These have feathers printed into the bodies which is so fun!
And I transformed my Eeveelution blob plush into classic cats like a tabby and calico.

You can buy them one fat quarter at a time, or buy a whole yard for all 4 of the colors in the collection. The instructions are just slightly different to accommodate the new fabric. You can find all of my cut & sew designs on my Spoonflower page, or a dedicated page here on my site for easier previewing 😀
I hope you guys enjoy them!


New cut & sew fabrics! Dolphin, narwhal, & tiny dino

Hey everybody!
For those of you into Spoonflower, I thought I might share this newest update with you! Some of my other patterns have been given the cut & sew treatment like my bat plush from before.

In the new collection there’s my dolphin plush, narwhal plush, and tiny dino plush. Just like with the bat plush, all of the pieces you need are already printed on the Spoonflower fabric. So all you need to do is cut and sew – no extra fabric shopping or applique required!

Since these patterns weren’t quite as popular as the bat, I stuck with simple classic colors. You can buy them one fat quarter at a time, or buy a whole yard for all 4 of the colors in the collection. The instructions are just slightly different to accommodate the new fabric 🙂

I hope you guys enjoy them!


Free Pattern Friday! Eevee Evolution Hooded Shrug

It’s less than a month now until Halloween! So if you haven’t started your costume ideas yet, now might be a good time to get cracking! And today I have a really simple pattern that makes a great fast costume for sewing newbies 😀 It’s a cute hooded shrug made up to look like, yes, all 9 current Eevee evolutions 🙂

Just like my previous zippered pouch pattern, I felt I couldn’t possibly introduce this pattern without creating all 9 versions, so no one’s favorite gets left out. The pattern is for a fun short jacket that pairs well with lots of casual outfits so it makes a quick and super cute costume. The sizes are for adults and range from XS up to 5XL.
You can usually pick your size based what size t-shirt you wear, but there’s a size chart in the pattern file as well. Since the jacket isn’t super fitted, there’s some leeway with what size you pick. So larger kids could likely get away with an XS.

If you haven’t made much clothes before, this pattern will be perfect for you! If you have knowledge of darts and hemming you’re in the clear. The only thing that might slow you down is all the little details that make the characters what they are. I hope you all like it!


New Product! Cut & Sew Bat Plush

Hey everyone!
Over the last few months I’ve really been getting into Spoonflower – the awesome service where you can get custom-printed fabric. I’ve been using them a lot for custom gifts for friends and family, and I thought I’d try them out to make a custom-printed version of my popular bat plush pattern. This way the fabric itself has a lot of fun details, and the faces are printed right on so it’s super fast to sew up! This is what resulted!

Their custom-printed minky produces really bright and crisp colors, even after washing 🙂 The classic darker colors like the gray and purple still have some white show up in the seams, but it tends to make the finished product look weathered in a cute kind of way. But if that’s not your thing, the lighter pastel ones don’t have that issue at all.

I created 12 different designs — you can check them out by clicking the corresponding thumbnails below. The bats need a fat quarter of minky or fleece to fit all the pieces, but that means if you buy a whole yard you get 4 bats! So you’ll find there are some combination options that let you buy a sampler of 4 bats at once.

The original instructions are changed just slightly to accommodate the fabric, and you can find them here: I hope you guys like the options, and of course let me know if you’re interested in any other designs or prints! These were super fun to make and put together ♥

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Plush Sewing Basics Infographic: Starter Tools

I’ve got a new infographic for you all today! I often get people who tell me that they can’t wait to start sewing, but they don’t have any money yet for any of the tools. And I completely sympathize with that notion. I had pretty much nothing when I started sewing. In fact, my mother’s sewing machine broke shortly before I started getting serious about it – I was hand sewing everything for about a year before it was fixed. There are tons of tips and tutorials out there about what to buy when you first start out, but that runs up a pretty big bill. So I created this chart to give you an idea of what cheaper alternatives you can start with – specifically for plush sewing since that’s what most of my newbie fans gravitate towards 😀

In it is a list of everything I think it absolutely necessary to get started, ranked from good to best depending on what you have the cash for. Some of the items you might already have around the house! Where it gets interesting are the items where all 3 options are suggested for purchasing. Use these as a ‘to-buy’ list if you will. They start off with the more basic, general tools and move up to the more specific ones. So when you have the whole set you’ll be able to tackle more complex and detailed projects!

The only other caveat I would remember is that this only lists hardware, not software like fabric, batting, trims, etc. And, like I said, it’s only the absolute basics. You can get into even more complex stuff down the line if you find you want to sew seriously and often.

Plush Sewing Basics: Starter Tools Infographic


A New Book! Bling it Up! Debuts

Bling It Up!: Super Cute Craft Techniques to Add Decoden Sparkle to Phone Cases, Purses, Jewelry & More

Bling It Up!: Super Cute Craft Techniques to Add Decoden Sparkle to Phone Cases, Purses, Jewelry & More

For all of you that have been wondering about my absence for the last few months, I can finally divulge some details – I’ve been writing books! So I do apologize for being gone for so long and hardly updating at all x_x But I am still here, and I’ve been working on even more projects that you’ll soon hear about just like this one 😀

Bling it Up! is the book that released most recently, and it’s filled with 16 over-the-top decoden projects. What’s decoden you may be wondering? It’s a craft that’s huge in Japan and basically translates to “phone decoration,” but it can apply to lots of other personal belongings too. It consists of covering your phone with loads of over-the-top glittery and whimsical items like rhinestones, jewelry findings, cabochons, and other trinkets, some of which are applied with fluffy ‘whippy’ frosting to make your items look like a big mound of cake >w< That's not to say that decoden hasn't been around in the US before now — a lot of awesome artists have shared their decoden creations on the internet. But what’s so great is that until recently, you needed to buy silicon bathroom sealant to achieve the whipped frosting look for your decoden pieces, but Mod Podge recently came out with their own frosting adhesive called Collage Clay – it’s non-toxic, comes in two colors, and is much more user friendly!

Making this book was a load of fun because I got to play around with so many trinkets and clay food. You’ll find projects inside that range from simple rhinestone decorated items to all-out frosted goodness. There’s inspiration for several cell phone case ideas, journals, tablet cases, boxes, and the like. The beginning section also goes into how to sculpt different foods with polymer clay, like macarons, ice cream scoops, and Pocky. It’s a short book at only 48 pages, but it’s really chock full of tips, techniques, and projects that should jumpstart some ideas for you 😀
If decoden sounds like something you might enjoy, I hope you’ll give it a look!

In the meantime, I have to keep working x_x But know that I’ll be back very soon to let you know about more of the projects I’ve got going! Thank you all for your continued support!

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Sew Me! Basics & Home Décor Debuts!

Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers

Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers

My newest set of books, called the Sew Me! series recently released! It’s been available for preorder for a bit, but now it’s fully in stock and available for you all to buy! These latest books are written especially for beginning sewers! I actually don’t personally have many friends that know how to sew, so I wrote things books while personally considering all of my close friends who will hopefully take the plunge and try out sewing one day 😀

The series begins with Sew Me! Basics which tackles how to get started sewing from the very beginning: from picking out a sewing machine based on your personality to how to choose the perfect fabric for you. You’ll find loads of helpful charts and illustrations that explain fabric types, color theory, how sewing machines work, and lots more! The added projects help you learn crucial sewing techniques one step at a time – from creating your first seam, trying out appliqué, hand sewing techniques, installing zippers, and sewing buttons just to name a few.

Each project is super simple to understand and follow, with lots of diagrams and helpful photographs to take you through every step. You’ll learn as you go while making pincushions, fabric flowers, pouches, handy wallets, plushes, and even an adorable hat! The projects are easy to customize to your taste and style and will quickly teach you the techniques you need to know to build a strong sewing foundation! I hope you’ll check out the details or take a closer look if you think this book might be for you!

Sew Me! Sewing Home Decor: Easy-to-Make Curtains, Pillows, Organizers and Other Accessories

Sew Me! Sewing Home Decor: Easy-to-Make Curtains, Pillows, Organizers and Other Accessories

Now once you’ve tried out some simple projects to ease your way into sewing, you might have a better idea of what sort of things you plan to sew in the future; whether they be clothing, accessories, quilts, or home décor. That’s where the next book in the series comes in! Sew Me! Home Décor is like a continuation in the series if you’ve found that you like the home décor projects in Sew Me! Basics. In it you’ll find the same kinds of simple projects with lots of illustrations and easy-to-understand diagrams for a duvet cover, storage boxes, pillow covers, a striking modernist quilt and lots more!
SO if you’re new to sewing, I hope you’ll check this one out and maybe it’ll be for you or someone you hope to teach to sew!

Thanks in advance to anyone who checks out my new books! And stay tuned for more in the future about more books in the Sew Me! series!