Free Pattern Friday! Pterodactyl Plush

Hi everyone! I realize my pattern collection could use some more dinosaurs, and my pattern poll has steered me towards this cute pterodactyl! I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a little friend for my previous T-Rex pattern 🦖 So this pterodactyl has a similar body to the T-Rex, except of course with a smaller tail and wings instead of arms. Meanwhile the … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday! Pterodactyl Plush

Throwback Thursday! Free Past Embroidery Files ♥

Hey everybody! I have one last holiday gift to share with you and it’s more embroidery files! I went back and revisited some more free patterns from the past that you all need embroidery files for! You can find the links at the bottom as well as on the original pattern pages ♥ The new additions are: • The Dolphin plush and Narwhal plush! Even … Continue reading Throwback Thursday! Free Past Embroidery Files ♥

New cut & sew fabrics! Dolphin, narwhal, & tiny dino

Hey everybody! For those of you into Spoonflower, I thought I might share this newest update with you! Some of my other patterns have been given the cut & sew treatment like my bat plush from before. In the new collection there’s my dolphin plush, narwhal plush, and tiny dino plush. Just like with the bat plush, all of the pieces you need are already … Continue reading New cut & sew fabrics! Dolphin, narwhal, & tiny dino

Free Pattern Friday! Tiny Dino Plush

I knew I had wanted to do a dinosaur plush for months now, and I’ve been obsessed with designing things with simple shapes. So those two together brings us this tubby little dino plush! It’s got a round, stubby little body with four tiny legs and lots of spikes going down the back. If you’re not used to working with really tiny pieces it might … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday! Tiny Dino Plush

Freebie Friday! Yoshi Egg Potholders


Putting together this project was kind of a lucky break for me 😀 At my house we’re in desperate need of some more potholders, particularly because I do a lot of baking and cooking and somehow the ones I have always end up disappearing! I had some extra scraps of terry cloth and seeing the colors I had to choose from – white and pastel shades of pink, blue, and green – the boyfriend commented on how much they looked like Yoshi eggs, so it was an easy choice from there! They’re essentially dinosaur eggs, so if you’re not familiar with Yoshi you can just think of them like that ^-^ The egg shape makes it ideal for giving your hand a nice wide area to grip the potholder with, and the pocket on the back is helpful for keeping it on your hand. I know most potholder patterns include a loop for hanging, but I never use those so I kept them off of mine. I hope you agree that the finished egg looks just like it came out of the Mario games 😀


Continue reading “Freebie Friday! Yoshi Egg Potholders”