Free Pattern Friday! Bulbasaur Plush

Hi everyone!
This awesome Pokemon has been on my poll list for this year, and I purposely put it off until October — a Bulbasaur! Making this little guy really took me back to a few years ago when I used to make Bulbasaur hoodies to order. Sadly I don’t anymore since my schedule is just chock full of pattern making, but it was a fantastic stroll down memory lane.
The body of this one has pretty simple shapes, and is actually constructed similarly to the cow, elephant, and giraffe from this year. So if you’re familiar with those you’ll have an easier time. You have your option to add a cute chubby bulb on top of the body, or a spooky pumpkin for Halloween! I’m so thrilled with the outcome and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the spoopiest of months.

With all that in mind, I rated it a 4/10. The inner legs and belly are tricky to sew, but if your take your time lining up the pieces you’ll be okay. Attaching all the major parts also requires a good bit of hand sewing, so give yourself time for that. As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the face and spots if you’re using a regular sewing machine or working by hand. There are also embroidery files available if you have an embroidery machine. They’re 4″ x 4″ hoop sized, you’ll just need to rotate the face to make it fit.
I really hope you all like this little Bulba 💚 He might be my favorite Pokemon and I would love to revisit this pattern for new objects to put on his back. Roses for Valentine’s Day, bao buns, cream puffs, cacti?! What would you put? Let me know in the comments 🤩

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32 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Bulbasaur Plush”

  1. So cute ! I guess I’ll add some octopus’s on his back (because octopuss is cute too), making some octasaur !

  2. I’m not really into Pokemon, but this sure is cute. I can’t believe I missed the cow, elephant, and giraffe! Those are my favorite animals to sew. I can wait to work on them. Thank you so much for all the joy you bring to the world (and especially to me) with your amazing designs. You’re wonderful for sharing your talent with us. ♥️

  3. Thanks so much for this pattern💖 I’ve made some sketches of bulbas variations a long time ago (baozi, boba tea, succulents and so much more) but I was struggling with the pattern. Can’t wait to test it!!😊

  4. Kirsten M Rossman

    I love all your holiday ideas for this! I would add holiday ornament or bauble or snowman face for winter. Basic cornucopia maybe for fall. I love the idea of a rose though, if I had to pick one that’d be it.❤️

  5. This is amazing. I might actually cry because I’ve been wanting this exact plush for my kiddoos. They are going to be so excited! Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!

  6. Bulbasaur is one of my favorites, too, so I’m very glad you created this pattern. I think a little cactus Bulbasaur would be delightful!

  7. So cute! I think it would be awesome to turn the sprout into some kind of bag on it’s back. In disguise of course. Little secret bulba.

  8. Thank you so much for this pattern! My 9 year old asked to make this together and with very little help from me he made it and shows it to everyone! Thank you for giving him a pattern he could be proud of!

  9. This is amazing. I would love to see a Charmander one, because there is not a good Charmander pattern out there, neither free or on sale.

    1. Hello! You don’t need an embroidery machine 😊 The instructions also include templates for how to make the faces with applique. So you’ll be building the face using tiny pieces of fabric like felt and sewing them to the main fabric.

  10. Turning this one into a dice bag for D&D by making the bulb on the back a drawstring bag!!! Super excited, it’s gonna be so cute!!

  11. EpicWolfandSparrow

    Hello! It’s me again. Thank you so much for the suggestions last time, it was super perfect. I was looking at your patterns again tonight because that’s what I do when I can’t sleep 😂 and I just came across your mention of bulbasaur hoodies on this post. Funny enough I’m like obsessed with bulba/ivysaur, I looked at the hoodie and I’m freaking in love! It’s so rad! I’m really curious as to how you did those? Literally, I love all your work. You’re awesome!✨

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them! I have a standard hoodie pattern that I use for all my cosplay hoodies ♥ For the Bulbasaur though I split the hood in half to add the ears, then appliqued the face on the front half and spots all over 😊

      1. EpicWolfandSparrow

        Ok awesome!! Can’t wait to try! Also is there a way I could buy the pattern for the backpack? It’s so rad! Thank you so much for your time and effort, it never goes unappreciated! ❤

      2. Unfortunately the backpack pattern isn’t for sale right now, particularly because it’s not very user friendly 😅 I’m hoping to design a new version that’s a little easier to execute ♥

  12. Thank you for this pattern I made a halloween bulbasaur for one of my kids, a regular one for one of my others and a shiny one for another. I ran across this today, and I think that I could do it with your pattern if I had any idea how to make the flower. Do you have any suggestions or would you consider doing it as an add on? I would absolutely be willing to pay for the flower add on pattern.

    1. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the pattern so far!
      Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make that add-on yet, but in the meantime I think a rolled style fabric flower would do the trick. You can find a lot of options on Pinterest, for example this one:
      But I also have some used in my free Hooded Cowl pattern:
      I hope that might help!

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