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Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! Week 2


WEEK 2: Mermaid applique block #1!
In week 1 we covered the gathering and cutting your fabrics. This week we begin appliqueing all the blocks! Since there is so much to applique for this quilt, I’ve broken down exactly how I do it for this first week. Then you can just rinse and repeat for the following weeks 😀

1. Print & trim the pattern. Print off the pattern for this week’s block by clicking off the icon below. Be sure to print at 100% scale so it’s true to the actual size of the project.
Once it’s printed, trim off any of the margins that didn’t get printed on. This will make the next step much easier.

2. Tape the pages. Each block in this project is made up of two pages, so this part’s simple. Just align the two pages together so the A1-A2 segments align. The paper should overlap just a bit. You can double-check your work by making sure the gray corners at the bottom and top of the page line up as well. When everything’s aligned, tape the pages together.

3. Trace the design. Layer your fusible web over the paper pattern with the adhesive (bumpy) side down. The smooth, paper side of the fusible web should now be facing up. With a pencil, trace the lines from the design onto the fusible web. If you have trouble seeing the lines, you can consider moving to a light box, over a window, or even just working off of a lighter-colored table can help.

4. Trim around the outlines. Generally cut out the shapes from the paper. If your mermaid and cameo are to be different colors, be sure to cut them out separately.

5. Iron the fusible web. Place your fusible web with the tracing onto the back of your chosen fabric, the adhesive side facing the wrong side of the fabric. Fuse it in place with your iron using a medium heat and moving the iron around every few seconds until you have a complete bond. Repeat with the cameo piece as well if you’re using a different fabric.

6. Cut the shapes. Allow the piece to cool for about 5-10 minutes, then cut out the shape. This is the part that can take some time. The pieces are detailed, so take it slowly and carefully.

7. Prepare your background block. Take one of your 15½” x 15½” (A) blocks from Week 1 and fold it in half lengthwise and widthwise, creasing the folds with your fingers or the light touch of an iron. This will make creases as shown that point out the center of the block.

8. Place & fuse the applique. Lay your cameo frame first onto the background block, using the creases to center it up horizontally and vertically. You’ll see most of the cameo frames have details on the bottom and top that mark the center, such as the little flower shape in the photo here. Once you have the frame all centered, place the mermaid inside. Smooth everything out, then press it lightly with your iron – heat for a few seconds at a time, then lift and move to another area to avoid shifting the applique.

9. Stitch the edges. Of course there are loads of ways to finish off an applique, but the way I’ve chosen for this quilt is to do a basic zigzag stitch around the edge. After washing, the edges will get a little fuzzy, but aside from that I feel this method creates a very unnoticeable finish.
I set my machine to a stitch length of about 2 and a stitch width of 2-2.5. If you have an applique foot, now would be a good time to break it out as you’ll see here. Sew the zigzag around the edge of the applique so the outside of the zigzag lands in the background fabric and the inside edge lands in the applique fabric. If you get to a tight corner, don’t hesitate to stop and pivot your work so you can manage the curves more carefully. Keep going like this until you’ve sewn entirely around both the mermaid and her cameo frame.

10. Finish the block. This is what your finished block should look like 🙂 It helps to give it one final press, as all of that zigzagging can sometimes warp the fabric a little. When you finish the block should still be 15½” x 15½”, but you can trim it if you need to.

That completes the first week of actual sewing! Pat yourself on the back ^-^ Next week we’ll be tackling a much easier block, so that’ll make a nice break from all the details of this one.


Mermaid Quilt Quilt-along! It Begins!

Mermaid Quilt

I made a new quilt this year! Specifically it was a birthday gift for my boyfriend’s co-worker’s daughter, a sweet little girl who is currently in love with mermaids! Since I just had a few weeks until her birthday, I thought I could make something simple out of some Disney Little Mermaid fabric. But sadly I couldn’t find any at my local Joann’s. So immediately I got an artistic itch and said that I would just draw my own mermaids! So here we have the result 😀 a simple and modern quilt made of 9 blocks: 5 of mermaids in their own unique cameo frames and 4 of different sea life.

Now that the quilt-along is over, you can download the whole pattern via .pdf here:



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Freebie Friday! The Catbug Charm


Something different today! My wonderful boyfriend and photographer, Matt, is doing today’s tutorial ^-^ I was just a tad backed up so he swooped in to help out and share what he knows with you guys! He’s a 3D artist but also loves working in clay, so he thought a really fun project would be to show you all how to make this simple Catbug charm! If any of you haven’t seen the Bravest Warriors cartoon yet, I highly recommend it >w< Catbug is about the cutest little guy on the show. So if you think you can make some simple clay geometric shapes and have some polymer clay on hand you can give this guy a go!

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Freebie Friday! The Zip Top Purse

I guess this purse is more conceptual than anything >w< It appears to be a typical purse with a flap, but in this case the flap is the top of the bag, which folds over to create the flap. The folding point is made from two grommets that attach on the side where the strap is attached. Then there’s an extra pocket on the front for good measure that’s easy to access. The front skull appliqué is of course completely optional XD but I just had to add it due to my own quirky tastes.
Once again with this purse I was able to put another long-held scrap fabric out to pasture :B Like with most of my plaid scraps, I had this one lying around after I made a pair of pants with it. Also like a lot of other plaid fabrics, I kept making little projects here and there with the scraps until finally this last one put the remainder out of its misery! Woo! Destashing!


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Etsy Store Update!

At the moment I’m preparing to attend an anime convention called Metrocon in July, for the next few weeks I’ll be working on making some products to sell there. Up until then I’ll have those new products on my Etsy store in case anyone in the net-o-sphere is interested :3

First is a teal version of my Punk Bunny Hat, which got everyone’s attention on DeviantArt last year by being a daily Deviation XD of course everyone wanted one and I was in barely any position to make them as I was working on books at the time. I finally got around to making some more, albeit in a different color scheme, that way I could use up some scrap plaid fabric I had 😀

Next is just a little Zombie Bunny (Zombunny) hat that I made with some extra olive green fleece I had :B It’s a very simple design without all the blood and guts of other zombies, but it’s one of my favorites nonetheless >w<

Next is a very cute Fox Hoodie that I whipped up from scraps of orange and white fleece. Unfortunately I didn’t have much fabric so I could only make the one. It features black hand mitts, an adorable fox face, and attached ears.

And up last is a bag that’s based off of one of the projects from Sewing Stylish Handbags. It’s arguably one of the most unusual projects from the book xB But in the book you can find a pattern for a reversible creature bag just like this. I modified the pattern to make one side of the bag into a Zombie Kitty and the reverse side into a Killer Rabbit (a la Monty Python and the Holy Grail). The bright red eyes and drooling mouths are particularly weird and creepy, so I suggest this bag is definitely not for the faint of heart or those with grown-up tastes XD The middle reversible zipper is both the opening for the bag and the mouth of your creature, and the straps clip on with hook rings so you can remove the them when you turn the bag right side out to reveal your new character.

That’s all I have to show off now! I’ll be getting back to work and hopefully have another update for you soon! 😀


Freebie Friday: The Gamekip Tablet Case

Prj019BIsn’t this little guy just the cutest? Of course this is an adorable combination of an old school Gameboy mixed with a Mudkip from Pokemon, and I just love the mashup of bright colors with the vintage Nintendo feel! Before you read on, however, I warn that you must prepare yourself. This is probably the most involved project I’ve posted so far, as it has *24* steps XD The steps are easy to follow, but this little guy might take you more than a few afternoons.

The story behind the gamekip is as such: My boyfriend has finally been able to get himself a new tablet! Even though he wanted an iPad, he made a financial compromise and got a Nexus 7 instead 🙂 My boyfriend it a total technophile, so he’s very picky when it comes to his electronics. He’s already gotten a super-tough shell case for the tablet, but he wanted a soft case for transporting the tablet too. This way the hard case couldn’t crush anything or come loose in his bag or something. ALSO, he insisted that the case must have a button closure (so there’s no scratching or hard pressing as with snaps, Velcro, or zippers), an inner pocket (with Velcro flap!) for his stylus, and a pocket on the back to hold his cord and charger. It’s all those details that make this project so involved. And (luckily for him ^-~) I was happy to do it, because I’m a fellow technophile and I would want all those things for my own tablet case if it were me.

All of these specifications worked perfectly with the Gameboy theme that my boyfriend wanted. The Mudkip dorsal fin worked perfectly as a closing flap, and the battery case on the back was the perfect storage space for his cords and charger.

So if you have a tablet in need of a home, and you too are a very discerning technophile, I hope you’ll give this project a try, even if it takes a whole weekend to finish x3! Considering the dimensions, it would likely fit all 7” (Kindle Fire, Nook, etc.) tablets with some wiggle room, or if you too put your tablet in a hard shell first, it would fit more snuggly.

I used scraps of fleece to put this together, as it’s already cushy so it makes a perfect material for a soft case. Though I can see making this from other light to medium weight fabrics as well, like cotton or a light twill if you prefer.


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Freebie Friday: The Seafarer’s Pouch

By some luck it looks as though I have a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day present for you all! I’m not usually a big St. Patrick’s Day partier, but I love Irish and Celtic culture (I definitely have some Irish blood in me), and this project idea happened at a good time! I found a nice match between some seafoam-colored faux suede that I had from a previous bag that I made, some teal-colored linen from a place mat I made some time ago, and lastly some gray suede lacing that I had leftover from another bag project. The whole color combination isn’t exactly emerald-isle, but it definitely reminded me of the ocean, and the greenish tint to it gave a vague feeling of Irish fishermen, which I loved.
I’m a big fan of Celtic knots and I’m trying my darndest to get better at drawing them. That’s why I have a rather simple one going for the motif here, but I’m going to keep pushing myself! In the meantime, the simple nature of the knot makes it much easier to appliqué 😀 Aside from that, though, it’s just a simple drawstring bag. I just love the whole look put together though ^-^


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Freebie Friday: The Retro Circle Purse

Here’s #4! A little bit of an experimental project ^-^ With this bag, the zipper isn’t on the top, but rather on the side. So you can open up the side to reach everything all the way to the very bottom.

It’s kinda crazy probably – actually yeah, it’s crazy. But that was one of the reasons I wanted to make free patterns for this blog was to try out new and interesting ideas :B You can always skip the zipper if you want.
Anyway, the fabrics I picked started out as the blue and purple accent colors you see. They’re this fine and soft corduroy and I love the colors, especially when I found they paired perfectly with this cotton batik I got on sale. Unfortunately, the blue and purple are just way too loud on their own, so I had to pair them with something more neutral. I found they looked very nice with some gray faux suede. Though finding it made me realize I have a lot of gray fabrics o_o;;
So the blue and purple corduroy got relegated to accent fabrics in a retro reverse-appliqué circle pattern you see before you 😀
The reverse appliqué is a little tricky if you haven’t done it before, but lots of pins, tape, and other products that temporarily hold your fabrics in place really help.


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