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About Me

My name is Choly Knight and I’m a seamstress of 15 years and counting!

I’ve been sewing since I was 12 and have yet to put my machine away. I’m here to share my expertise and experience with stitching everything under the sun. I currently have five books published with many more on the way. I hope you’ll follow me as I offer techniques, tutorials, and other exciting things here!

I’m a huge fan of fantasy, sci-fi, Japanese culture (especially kawaii things!), video games, and lots of other craft arts and fine arts. So in addition to sewing info, you might also find me posting about knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, quilting, drawing, painting, cooking, or any other number of things!

More About Me:


Marvel at the sewing strongwoman!

I will admit it now: I am a nerd. I grew up as the kid that lugged around her math book even when she didn’t have homework. During recess I sat on the swings with my nose in a copy of The Last Unicorn. I lived in apartments most of my life, so I got more accustomed to cozying up with books, modeling clay, embroidery floss, video games, and paints than playing outside.

I took up sewing in middle school — a time when a lot of young girls start to get interested in self-expression and fashion. My family didn’t have a lot of money so learning the basics of sewing from my mom seemed like the best way to get what I wanted without a lot of cost. I sewed nearly everything I could from scratch: t-shirts, pants, coats, bags, prom dresses (even underwear! Yes, I went that far!) — all so I could get exactly what I envisioned without my parents laughing in my face at the cost.

By high school my nerdiness was in full force, and I discovered Japanese culture and manga. Not only did I love the grandeur and vibrancy of Japanese art styles, but cute and minimalist side was captivating as well. I poured over works by CLAMP, Miyazaki, and Takeuchi as well as the adorable characters from Sanrio and San-x. I dabbled in cosplay, which helped take my skills to the next level, but I always did it because I loved the clothing and not as much because I wanted to role play. For me it has always been about aesthetics.

I entered college for English and Studio Art because I feared a future in sewing would mean designing for celebrities and clothing chains. I had a passion for art and culture — not for following trends. So I was perfectly fine letting sewing be a hobby rather than a career. I attended anime conventions where I sold my handmade goods as a pasttime, but I quickly discovered just how much of a demand there was for skilled artisans such as seamstresses. I expanded my product lines and was soon discovered by Fox Chapel Publishing — who requested I write a book about the very same adorable projects I was making!

I’m thrilled that my life has led me to this path — I feel I’m able to express myself fully with all of my writing and artistic skills. So it comes as no surprise that I would want to share as much of my knowledge and experience with you!

56 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You are such an outstanding girl for doing all of this without taking no charge from your viewers!!! It can’t be more easier to follow your tutorials even when some can’t speak english! Thank you thank you thank you so much! >-<
    Surely going to buy your book ♥

  2. Hi Choly! Purchased your book, “Sewing Stylish Handbags and Totes”. I just love it. I am trying to make the Patchwork Purse with Side Pockets but I am having difficulty in finding those pattern pieces on the pattern sheets provided. Could you kindly inform me what pattern numbers are required to make this purse. Thank you. Carol

    • Hi Carol! You’re so kind! I’m really glad you like the book 🙂 The pattern numbers for the Patchwork Purse are 8-A, 8-B, 8-C, and 8-D. They should be the gray shapes with black outlines located in the upper left-hand corner of one of the 2 double-sided pages. You should find them layered over the pattern pieces numbered “9”. I really hope that helps you find them! Feel free to send me another message if you need more help 😀

  3. I LOVE your website and I plan on buying a book or two of yours for myself for Christmas.
    I’m new to sewing and I need a new sewing machine, what machine(s) do you use, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Aww, thank you so much for the kind words! I really hope you enjoy the books!
      To answer your question though, over the years I’ve used a few Singers, Brothers, and Vikings.
      Right now I own a Singer Futura and a Viking Emerald. Singer is a good brand and they’re pretty user-friendly, but they often have bobbin issues. Other than that they can be pretty good machines 😀 I really love my Viking though. It’s more expensive, but it’s quite the little workhorse and has been very good to me.
      I’ve only used a few Brothers at friends’ houses and in classes and what not — can’t say I really like those too much :/ I ran into a lot of bugs with timing and the bobbin.

  4. CholyI am your uncle. Loved reading your profile, very interesting. U did not get these skills from me. Lol very Kool we must stay in contact

  5. woah! You’re a cosplayer too!!! I want to see some of your creations!

    I have been into cosplaying for a fair few years now because it somehow keeps my creativity juice flowing and it gave me way to learn sewing on my own and many other things too. Now it somehow led me to making cosplays for friends too.

    I’m so happy I found artists like you along my search on being better at sewing and crafting. ALWAYS, THANK YOU FOR SHARING. ♥

  6. I just came across your website. You are truly gifted. I am definitely going to try to make something of yours. Congratulations on your accomplishments and thanks for giving back.

  7. I found your site from Pinterest. I have made your pokeball and am going to make your calcifer. I too have an affinity for all things nerdy. I love that you know who calcifer is, and i love that you made one and shared the pattern! So Excited! Thank you

  8. how do i sign up for free patterns?

    • There’s a sign up bar near the top of the page beneath “My Books.” But I’ve submitted your email just in case you were having trouble 🙂 From there you can confirm the subscription!

  9. Hi you habe a nie page

  10. Vielen lieben dank das sie ihr wissen und talent mit uns teilen ❤👍👍
    Einfach nur spitze

  11. Lois Appel
    February 6, 2017 at 4:50 PM
    I am working on a Cheater Hexie quilt and am doing it using a four inch across hexie instead of 8 inch. I have a specific question about the pattern.Why is piece A 1/8 inch wider than piece B and how can I adjust if My Piece A is 1 3/4 inches wide? Is there a way to email you directly?

    • Hello!
      Concerning piece A — the width of it is not terribly important, as it’s just used to sew to the corner of each hexie to make it a rectangle. It needed to be at least 2¼” wide to make that happen, but we rounded it up to 2½”. Piece B is more precise because it’s working with the actual spacing of the hexies, which needs to be accurate to get the right honeycomb border look.
      So if you were using a 4″ hexie, a 1 3/4″ wide rectangle for piece A should be just fine to fill out that corner. I really hope that’s clear! But if you need extra help my email is cholyknight (at)

  12. Would you carry the Burberry handbag pattern and a pattern with a large flap ? I want to make a Bohemian style bag.
    Thanks, Bonnie

  13. bonjour . j adores tous ces modeles et j aimerais bien faire tous les modeles gratuits pour mes petits enfants mais impossible de les trouver . j ai egalement essaye de m inscrire sur votre page mais la non plus je ny arives pas . merci par avance pour votre aide . cordialement Joelle Messager

  14. Hello Choly!

    I have so far attempted and completed 3 of your projects. They are easy to follow and have renewed my love of sewing. I was wondering, what program you use to create your patterns?

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll come out with next!

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying the patterns! To answer your question, I use Adobe Illustrator to draft the actual pattern templates, and I use Adobe InDesign to create the .pdf layouts.

  15. You’ve inspired me so much! I’ve found that sewing keeps my mind busy so I don’t have time to focus on my physical pain so thank you for all the great ideas to keep me going!

  16. How generous of you to offer a pattern for the tiny dinos.
    My granddaughter in Delhi would love one or two of these for christmas
    But im totally hopeless at sewing
    Do you ever sell the finished product?
    If so count me in! Aideen in Oxford….

    • I still have the sample dinos and I’d be happy to sell them for $12 USD each 🙂 Shipping might be a little pricey since I’m in the US, but I’d be happy to create a listing for you on my Etsy store!

  17. hola, tus trabajos son hermosos, encantada de ver cada nuevo proyecto y poder hacerlo, sigue con esa inspiracion, yo tambien hago algunos muñequitos en mis ratos libres, continua asi, un saludo desde colombia

  18. Hello. I am a 17-year-old female who’s been in art and Japanese culture for a while. I came upon this site a while ago (most of them are not my level) but I’ve been sewing for 2,3 years off and on and I see me pursuing a future. I wanted you to know you are someone I admire and hope to achieve great as you have. I wanted to thank you for being who you are.

  19. Hi Choly, I am a sewing teacher and just bought a book off of Amazon called ‘Sew Your Own Pet Pillows that you created in 2011.’ I’m wondering if I could make copies of the patterns to use with my sewing students? Thank you

  20. I’ve been needing some advice, and I thought I’d ask you first. I’m wanting to make a simple tee-shirt, and I don’t know how. All I can find online are fancy patterns. Could you give me some advice on how to make a tee-shirt, or maybe where to find a pattern? It’s going to be about baby size, or smaller.

  21. Hello! First off, I love your patterns! They are so cute and so easy to follow! ♡♡♡ Second, I wanted to ask if you were comfortable with people using your patterns to sell finished products? Because I have a friend who wants a stuffed animal made for her but I don’t want to do it for free but I don’t know how to make patterns and I feel uncomfortable using yours because I don’t know how you feel about it

    • Thank you so much for the kind words! To answer your question you can definitely sell items you’ve sewn with my patterns! ♥ Thank you so much for asking, and I hope your sewing goes well!

  22. Merci beaucoup pour ton patron du sweat krokmou.
    Je l’ai adapté pour furie éclair, avec un jersey gris souris & brillant multicolore. Ma fille de 6 ans était aux anges ! Beau kdo d’anniversaire !

  23. I can’t find the link for the travel case pattern is it free

  24. I love your creations. I have several 50-60 cm ball-jointed dolls, and so I find myself making smaller versions of your work for them, since it’s so hard to find backpacks and bags for dolls of their size. I’ve also made some of your plushies, like the love koi, for them. Oversized plushies are the best, and a standard sized koi for us is a wonderful body-pillow cuddle for them. Please, keep creating these wonderful items!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words about my work! That’s really great that the patterns have worked for your ball-jointed dolls! I hope you enjoy what’s to come in the future ♥

  25. Hi Choly! I was wondering: I recently saw someone at a convention a month ago selling plushies made using your patterns. That wasn’t all of what they sold, they did have their own things made using their own patterns, but they didn’t credit you, and only mentioned you when I asked them about it as I recognised the plush. What’s your policy on this?

    • Hello! I don’t absolutely require that people credit me, only kindly ask that they do to pay it forward 🙂 Sometimes people forget or they can’t figure out where to do it in a convention scenario such as that — so I try to be understanding. But I really appreciate you looking out for me!

  26. Wow! I’m blown away by your talent and generosity. Your creations are adorable and marvelous. Thanks for taking the time to share all this.

  27. I loved reading your story! I’ve just been pouring over your patterns and I can’t wait to show some to my 9 yr old son .
    While he can totally make anything in the hoop all by himself , ha has an interest in learning to sew on the machine . So I’m going to download your free designs to show him . How generous are you ?!

    I also am the leader of a homeschool group and we begin sewing classes this spring . I can’t wait to show them your shop. I’ve been following it on Etsy for awhile.

  28. Hi Choly!
    I found your patterns through Pinterest and I am so in love with them! Your plushies are so damn cute and the patterns are really easy to understand.
    I’m a bit of a nerdy girl, too – I love Animes and Mangas and I grew up with Harry Potter (thank you so much for the adorable HP-patterns!!!) and I really enjoyed reading your story.
    Keep on doing your stuff – I will surely follow you!
    Lovely regards from Germany,

  29. hi choly!
    ive been looking at your patterns 4 a while, and so far ive only done the cat bean plush. im a beginner at sewing,(ive been doing it 4 about 2 yrs now) even though ive been practicing a lot, but i havent been getting much better. do u have any tips?
    (P.S. i absolutely LOVE ur patterns! they are so cute and easy 2 use.)


    • Hello Willow! Thank you for the kind words about my patterns! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!
      When you’re starting out, I definitely think the most important thing is to enjoy yourself 🙂 It doesn’t hurt to look at your project and tell yourself what you DO like about it 😀
      But for getting better at other parts, I think it helps to try a project where you slow down a little. Maybe after each section you stop and ask whether you like how it’s going before you move onto the next section.
      And if there’s a specific skill you want to get better at, like sewing on the faces, maybe try doing several simple projects that mostly focus on that skill so you can get used to it.
      I hope one of those tips might help! And I hope you enjoy your future sewing projects! ♥

  30. Choly
    I love your designs! Do you make patterns for other people? I have a children’s book character that I want to make into a simple plush pattern.

    • Hello! Unfortunately I don’t have time in my schedule to make custom plush or patterns for others. So sorry for the inconvenience, but I appreciate your interest!

  31. Oh, I just love your patterns so much !!
    I’m so fascinated by what you can create.
    Such a powerful imagination! I love it 🙂
    Greetings from Germany

  32. I really love your great jobs… Im from indonesia… I hope you can make plushie pattern for hatsune miku, and another anime… Because i really want to make my own miku u_u
    Notice me if you make that… Thank you…

  33. I absolutely LOVE all of you patterns. You are so creative and such an incredible inspiration. Thank you 🙂

  34. OMG! Thank you SO MUCH for the “the child”-pattern! It’s sooooo adorable!
    And thank you for the chance to win one!
    You are so great, I love your fantastic jobs! You go girl!
    Julia form Germany

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