Free Pattern Friday! Eeveelution Sitting Plush

Hi everyone!
This pattern has been the highest on my pattern poll since the beginning of this year, but being such a big project, I didn’t have a chance to dig into it. But I finally can now, so thank you all for your patience!
It’s the long-awaited Eeveelution set! I had done a set of Eeveelutions before, in a simple blob form. But everyone has been clamoring for a proper version with actual limbs! This version has a cute sitting pose like a lot of my previous Pokemon, and of course all of the tiny details that make each individual evolution. For example there are lots of unique ears, tails, collars, and accessories. Eevee is even a little shorter than the rest of the evolutions for a special touch to the set.
The body itself is not too complicated, though there are some curves in the legs and lots of darts in the head to tackle. The rest of the smaller details are typically sewn on by hand, so you’ll need to give yourself time for that. Be sure to look out in the instructions for which step applies to your evolution. They’re marked with an icon of the Pokemon so you can flip easily through the pages to find the one for you. With all that in mind, I rated them a 5/10 in difficulty.
As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the face and other details. These will work if you’re sewing the details by regular machine or by hand. If you have an embroidery machine, you’ll find the embroidery files available for download here or with the buttons below. Every file has a 4×4 friendly option, though there might be small changes made to the design or they might be rotated to fit.
I hope you all like it!

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27 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Eeveelution Sitting Plush”

  1. oh my gosh these are adorable, thank you so much for making this pattern! I’m currently making your sylveon eeveelution pouch for my sister’s birthday next week but will definitely be making these straight after!!! <3

  2. What an amazing return! Been missing your posts (for good reason, I know),but this was worth the wait! Incredible as always <3

  3. Hi Choly,

    Thank you for these adorable patterns! My daughter will be so excited when I get them made for her. A+++ as usual!
    Stay safe & healthy!

  4. These are gorgeous. I have a feeling that both my granddaughter Evie and my Pokemon obsessed grandson will want them all. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you sooooo much, your patterns are amazing. I’ve made the night fury backpack for each of my 2 nephews and it’s still their plush number one favorite !
    Take care.
    Thanks !!!

  6. Choly can u make another frog sewing pattern? like a more realistic one? or maybe… a teddy bear?

  7. this is literally the best sewing pattern in the world!!!!! OMG thank u super much for sharing them for free, it helps to learn harder sewing stuff like these. My fav pokemon!!!! I can finally make them since you have to pay for other patterns!

  8. This are fantastic!!! Definitely worth the wait and such cute patterns! Since you’ve been making a lot of Pokemon patterns lately, may I suggest Zorua or Hisuian Zorua patterns? They’re one of my favourites, and despite being fairly popular and I can’t find any patterns for them on Etsy!

  9. These are great. Do you have a list of the minky colors you used? I assume they are Shannon minky. Thanks

    1. Sure thing! I used:
      Eevee: caramel, ivory
      Vaporeon: turquoise, electric blue, vanilla, white
      Jolteon: lemon, white
      Flareon: mandarin, yellow
      Espeon: lilac, violet
      Umbreon: black, lemon
      Leafeon: yellow, kelly green, caramel
      Glaceon: saltwater, belize, mallard
      Sylveon: ivory, hot pink, azure, turquoise

  10. Do you have a recommendation of where to purchase the fabric? I’ve been waiting for something like this to use my sewing machine so thank youuu!

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