Dragon Sale! Plus Free Wings of Fire Dragon Pattern Hacks!

Hello everyone!
I’m currently having a sale in my shop! For the next week all of my dragon patterns are 20% off and everything else is 10% off. Meanwhile my Wyvern & Dragon pattern is 30% off! Why’s that? Well, I’ve created a new pattern hack that works with it perfectly 💚

Requests for the Wings of Fire Dragonets have gained lots of momentum over the last few years until they eventually made their way onto my pattern poll. They’re a whole slew of dragon characters from a series of young adult books. But if you’re one of the ones that voted for them, then you already knew that! 💚 Earlier this year I started reading the books & graphic novels to get to know the characters (I haven’t finished the series yet, I’m working through book 9 right now). After learning about all 10 tribes and how I’d make them into plush form, I thought the best course of action would be to make it a pattern hack!

This pattern hack works alongside the Wyvern & Dragon pattern (back from April of 2020). You’ll be using the dragon body from the original pattern, then adding a new head and other new details to it. I personally made 1 favorite character from each tribe, but you could use the guide to make tons of other characters or mix and match the features to make hybrids! There are loads of new pieces for horns, wings, spikes, and other awesome details, and it even shows how to make the wings posable with wire.

So if you already have a copy of the Wyvern & Dragon pattern, you’re all set! Just download the free pattern hack and embroidery below. And if you don’t have a copy, you can find it for 30% off at my shop for the next week.
I hope die hard fans enjoy my take on the dragons, and you all have fun getting to make your favorite characters! Especially so considering it looks like it’s being made into a Netflix series!

87 thoughts on “Dragon Sale! Plus Free Wings of Fire Dragon Pattern Hacks!”

    1. Thank you so much for the pattern and hacks and tips. Do you sell and already made plushies on Etsy? My daughter’s birthday is next month, and I am not sure I’ll have time to get one made. Thanks again!

      1. Thank you for the kind words and support! I do sell already made plush on my Etsy, but they tend to sell out quickly. So on any given day that section is usually empty. So sorry for the inconvenience! 😓

  1. OMG! They are so cute. Thanks for the pattern hack, I can’t wait till later, as it’s 2am in Australia atm, I am so going to make one or more of these ASAP. I’ve never hear of them before but I think I might have to look into the dragonets now.

  2. I’m going to have to look into these books if they’re that popular just to see what people like so much – besides it being dragons, of course. I love all these new pattern bits! I’ll definitely be doing some playing and creating new draconic pals.

  3. I thought that you were selling the actual plushies, not showing people how to make them. But overall they are very cute I love them!

    1. There are people on etsy making the plushies now, just look up wings of fire plush and you’ll be able to find them!!!

  4. Wow! I just want to say that this looks like a tremendous amount of work has gone into making this pattern hack and the fact you’re offering it for free really blows my mind!!
    I have purchased the wyvern pattern to try this out when I’m a little more confident! 😂Thank you so much for all you do for the sewing community ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating that! It was a lot of effort 😅 but I knew I wanted to make it free for the fans out there, especially because it’s a young adult audience ♥

  5. Hi! I just bought the dragon pattern so I could make Cricket! I saw the little glasses she was wearing and wanted to make a pair, but the instructions aren’t in the tutorial! Can you tell me how?

    1. Sure thing! I’m no wire wrapping expert so I didn’t feel comfortable making a tutorial. But basically I used the same jewelry wire in the instructions (10-12 gauge). Starting at one end I bent over the cut edge and put a dab of hot glue on it so it would hopefully cover any sharpness. Then I wrapped it around something circular and about 1 3/8″ in diameter — I used a thread spool. I wrapped it 1½ times around the spool, then guided the free end over Cricket’s forehead horn. Then I went down and around the spool again 1½ times. To finish, I clipped the wire, folded the end, and hot glued it again. Then I was able to bend the glasses around her face and stitch it in place.
      I hope that helps!

    2. These are so cute and beautiful <3 I do have one question, would the embroidery machine file work on a brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine work for the files? Just wanting to know because I don’t want to buy it for nothing 😓

      1. Thanks so much! The only thing stopping the files from working on an SE600 is the size 😊 Nearly all of them are small enough that they’ll work on your machine, except for the wings 😓 Sadly the wings turned out too large, so they likely won’t work on the SE600. The embroidery files are free to download though, so you can download them first to test and be sure.

  6. hello! if i wanted to use the pattern with the dragon backpack, how much bigger should it be for the small 21” and for the big 28”? is it the same size or 1.5x or?

    thank you for the patterns 🙂

  7. SkyLightDragon Studios

    How do you buy them do we print them?I really love all of the characters I want to make them all I love how you added the seawing royal pattern and Qibli’ a scar!My fav ones you made are turtle,blue,sundew,cricket,winter,peril,glory,and Clay and if the nightwing is moonwatcher I think she looks to much like a night furry but no worries and no hate I really love them all I heard about this on YT at Kira Blues YT channel.I would make them but no one can in my family or myself I don’t know how to get the patterns and materials:(bye for now! PS. Could we make other dragons in the seris with the pallets and could we mix and match like hybrids???now bye!

    1. Coral the seawing

      There’s a link to the pattern on her Etsy so you can get that, if you already have the wyvern and dragon pattern you just click download files and print the pattern pages, then download this hack and print the pages you need! Hope this helps!

    2. Coral the seawing

      And I can’t get minky and I don’t like using it, so I hand sew mine and use felt instead of minky it’s quite easy to find, and if you print them as 2 pages per sheet, it makes them very quick to hand sew. You get mini dragons!

    3. You can print the new pattern pieces using the links at the bottom of the post 😊 I’m glad you like the characters! You can definitely mix and match the pattern pieces to make hybrids ♥

  8. Legitimately looking for a pattern for Tsunami is how I found you!!! My nine year old son wanted one for his birthday. Ended up using the dragon from the love dragon pattern. She was my first plushy sewing project, before her it was a single face mask. Your patterns are why I was so willing to try sewing after being a dedicated knit/crocheter. I’m working on “the Child” pattern now for my seven year old. BUT THIS IS DEFINATLEY GOING TO BE CHRISTMAS!!!

    1. Dear Choly knight, Are the wings of fire patterns free because this is in the free patterns section but you type that they are 10% off so I just got confused

      1. The Wings of Fire pattern is a free addition onto one of my paid patterns 😊 It shows you how to make a new head and wings, so you could even put them on a different dragon body if you want. Regardless all the new pieces are free, and you can find the download buttons at the bottom 💖

    1. Unfortunately embroidery files need to be in formats that match the embroidery machine 😕 like .PES, .JEF, etc. So it’s impossible to export in that format.

    1. Sadly I’m not able to make any more at this time. My schedule is completely full from must making more patterns. I’ll certainly keep it in mind if I ever do get time though!

  9. Chantal Gouwerok

    I am about to make the first dragon, a mudwing. Thanks for the list of patternparts to use for each dragon-type <3.
    Luckily I have an embroidery machine. But I can't seem to find which embroidery pattern to use for which dragontype. Do you have list for that as well?

    1. Hello! The embroidery for each dragon depends a lot more on your character than the tribe, since the designs had a lot to do with each character’s unique markings. But regardless, I put together a chart to show the breakdown as best I could 😊
      Also, since you’re making a Mudwing, I’ve learned I accidentally left out the Mudwing nostrils in the embroidery files, but the file should be updated now. Here’s a direct link in case you need it:

      1. Chantal Gouwerok

        OMG Cholyknight, you are the best! I give you a big virtual hug :-). I was already missing those mudwing nostrills and thanky you so much for te list <3. I will start cutting, embroidering and sewing today, whoohoo!

  10. My daughter absolutely loves Wings of Fire and obsessed with dragons. I don’t have an embroidery machine and not sure I have the skills to pull of a plush toy. Is there any way that I can order the completed plush from you? I am in NZ but willing to pay for postage etc.

    1. Hello! I’m really glad you like the Wings of Fire dragons, but sadly I’m not able to do any custom orders due to my schedule being completely full just designing new patterns. So sorry for the inconvenience, but I appreciate your interest!

  11. I just finished making glory and I’m very happy with how she came out!! Thankyou so much for making this pattern my 9 year old self would be ecstatic right now if she knew what I just made.

  12. Will you be making any more sample pieces to sell? And if not, is the wyvern/dragon pattern going to be on sale/free any time soon?

    1. Sadly I don’t have any more samples to sell 😓 My schedule is 100% full just designing new patterns. But the Wyvern/Dragon pattern will be on sale later this month 😊

  13. Hi, I really want the wings of fire plushies. Is there a way to make them? Cause every time I search up wings of fire plushies it just comes up with stickers :(. I have always wanted wings of fire plushies and now that I found them I am desperate to get at least one. Also I don’t have the machine.

  14. Hello! My embroidery machine only accepts up to 4×4. Is there any way of splitting the embroidery pattern file so that the wings can be done on a 4×4 hoop?

    1. Hello! Sadly I haven’t been able to find a way 😓 Most of the design elements are just too big. But I’ll keep at it though and hopefully come up with something in the future!

      1. could it work to do each wing appliqué separately? I mean, re-hooping 4 times per wing is tedious, but I’d try it to get that nice embroidery machine finish. (esp with the star or spiral details) I’m in the same boat with only a 4×4 hoop and daughters who are WOF-crazy.

    1. There are several sellers on etsy that make dragons to sell using this pattern, a simple wings of fire plush search will bring them up.

  15. Hello! Do you know any of the fabrics/fabric stores you used for the samples? Not meant to be rude in any way! ❤️ These are really good and I am learning to become a young sewer myself! At age 12 though, I may need a bit of practice and desperate searches of fabric and fabric types. I am making a nightwing for my friend for her Hanukkah!

  16. Wow, thank you so much!! This helps a lot! You are an awesome sewer, and you have inspired me to try to go above and beyond with my creations, thank you so so much!

  17. that random nerd

    I’m making a SeaWing..how many yards of what type of fabric should I use? (She has Royal markings as well)

    1. You would want about:
      1/3 yd. of main fabric for head and body
      ¼ yd. of slightly darker accent fabric for forehead,
      wings, etc.
      ½ yd. (or 16″ x 16″) of lighter accent fabric for belly,
      inner ears, inner wings, etc.
      and ¼ yd. of a darker accent fabric for the spikes, horns, and claws

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