Free Pattern Friday! Chibi Dragon & Unicorn Plush Backpack

Chibi Dragon & Unicorn Plush Backpack Sewing Pattern

Hi everyone!
My long-time Patreon followers might know this little history tidbit, but back in 2019, my Night & Light Fury backpack plush went through several iterations. Before it became Toothless, it was originally a generic baby dragon and unicorn, complete with little chubby snouts! I changed my mind when I realized Toothless would be more popular, and the original dragon & unicorn templates were shared with my Patreon followers.
I told myself I’d revisit the pattern if there was a lot of interest in the future. It never took off in a big way until I used the prototypes to help create my new banner photo — then many people were very interested! So I found some time to dig up the old templates and create proper instructions for them.

So, just like the previous Toothless version, this plush backpack is a free alternative to my paid backpack patterns. It has a flat body shape with a lot less dimension than the paid versions. But with barely any neck, it optimizes the storage space throughout the whole body. Since it was a prototype, this version is actually a little smaller than Toothless, so the pouch inside is only 6″ x 11″. There’s an option for a non-adjustable strap as well as an adjustable one. So if you stick with non-adjustable the process will sew up much easier, especially if you’re not used to bag hardware. All in all I rated it a 5/10.

As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the eyes if you’re using a regular sewing machine or working by hand. Meanwhile there are embroidery files available too. Everything is 4″ x 4″ hoop friendly, you’ll just need to rotate the fabric to make it fit.
I hope you all like it!

Would you like to see how I designed this pattern? You can support me on Patreon for as little as $1 and get behind-the-scenes details!

24 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Chibi Dragon & Unicorn Plush Backpack”

  1. OMG, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been following you for a few months, I’ve tried some of your free patterns and bought some on etsy and the gifts I’ve given have been very popular. Thanks to you, and all your tips and tricks, (although my English is not very good) I’m losing my fear of my sewing machine. And every time I saw that purple unicorn I thought it was beautiful, and it is a backpack! 😀 Soooo cute! I love it! <3 I'm almost 40 years old and I want, I NEED have a backpack like this… Thanks! ^^

    1. Wow, thank you very much! I’m so glad the patterns have been fun to use and produced good results for you ♥ I’m glad you finally got to learn about the purple unicorn and you like the new pattern! 😊

  2. Wow! Thanks Choly!
    My friend and I are dressing up as dragons for Halloween and these make the PERFECT trick or treating bags!
    I cannot wait to see her face when I give a bag to her!
    She’s going to be so excited

  3. Yay! I’m one of the ones who really wanted this pattern! Soo excited to make one (or three!)!!

  4. Wow!,My only thing is wondering if you could make the backpack part a little bigger. Maybe make like 2 halves and one side is the plush and one side is the backpack? I really love your patterns and I seriously am so thankful for you. I love sewing and it makes my life happier. That’s because of you!!! Thanks!

    1. Yeah that could work! You could also probably add a gusset around the plush to give it more depth 😊 And of course there’s always making it taller and wider too.
      Thank you for all the kind words though! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the patterns ♥

  5. Wow – I was just introduced to your site by way of an acquaintance. It’s amazing. Your free patterns are wonderful and the download pattern files are clearly explained and well-laid out. I’m also going to be checking out your shop 🙂 Thank you for your generous sharing of these absolutely sweet plushies.

    1. Hello! I’m so sorry about that! You’re right, the placement lines are on the Side (G) but they should be on the Back (O). They end up in the same location in the end, since the straps are sandwiched between those two pieces. I’ll work on fixing that right away — thank you for letting me know!

  6. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS PATTERN! I love it so much and my new fabric finally arrived so I finally can make it!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited and I love your patterns so much!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU for making so many free patterns I love the pictures in the instructions it makes it so much easier and now I can also sew cute things because of your patterns so THANKYOU!

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