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Free Pattern Friday! Alpaca Plush


Hi everyone!
Another highly requested pattern today 😀 I’ve gotten so many suggestions for an alpaca, so I’m very glad I finally got to tackle it. I knew I wanted it to have the classic fuzzy face with a cute muzzle and be able to stand on four legs without too much fuss. So the shapes are pretty basic but I think using a fluffy fabric really helps sell it.
You can make it with perky ears or down-turned ears for a sweeter look. The standing version has the legs sewn on by hand, so that takes a little time. But the one with flat legs has them sewn in seam so it’s much faster. I still rated it a 3/10 because the shapes are simple, but if you’re not familiar with using faux for it might seem a little harder. In case you’re curious, the faux fur I used for this is Shannon Cuddle Sherpa (blush), and Shannon Cuddle Galaxy (plum). They were a lot of fun to work with 😀

The original pattern comes with applique templates, but there are embroidery files as well 😀 The eyes are stitched with little applique bases and the muzzles are included as well. Everything fits on 4” x 4” hoops so no one is left out! I hope you all like it as much as I enjoyed designing it!

15 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Alpaca Plush

  1. Well that’s pretty darn cute!

  2. Thank you so much for this gift, they are beautiful and cute.❤

  3. OMG how flipping cute! Thank you again for sharing your creations.


  4. Adorableness! These make me want to take a trip to the alpaca farm to watch the real alpacas playing.

    Thank you!

  5. Oh my gosh! That is just adorable! Thank you!

  6. merci pour ce super petit lama,il est très mignon et devrait plaire aux enfants.bonne journée. jocelyne

  7. Oh, it is so sweet. Thank you for sharing this pattern and embroidery files. I plan to make a few of these for my daughter’s nieces.

  8. Adorable!! I can wait to get my machine set up and start sewing again!

  9. vraiment très craquant
    ça va plaire aux enfants pour un calin
    merci à toi et bravo

  10. This is one of the most adorable things ever!! Your patterns are so easy and I completed the alpaca in an hour and a half! Thank you for making things simple and easy! ✨

  11. My friend’s little girl loves alpacas and llamas. She’s going to go crazy with these. ^_^ Thank you very much with your more than professional quality patterns!

  12. Half way through with my alpaca. Don’t like the ears so I will change them.

  13. I want to make this but I’m a complete beginner, what do I need to buy to get started for this?

    • Hello! If you’re a complete beginner, this beginner guide might help you get acquainted with sewing 🙂
      So with that information hopefully the things mentioned in the instructions are easier to understand. But firstly, you’d want to buy some fabric. Fleece would work best for beginners. You will also need some felt for the eyes, stuffing, thread, scissors, and a sewing needle. To make sewing the eyes easier, I recommend an adhesive called fusible web. It’s a paper-backed sheet of adhesive that you can apply with an iron. This will keep the small face pieces from moving around while you sew them in place. I hope that helps get you started!

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