Embroidery catch-up and a sale!

Hi everyone!
Those of you with embroidery machines will hopefully be pleased with today’s news ♥ It’s sort of my New Year’s resolution this year to get caught up on embroidery files for my Etsy patterns. Since we’re more than a month into 2019 it seems like a good time to touch base and show how that’s been going!

My Floppy Dragon, Celestial Fox & Hare, and Chubby Dragon patterns all have new embroidery files!
Like with previous embroidery packs, these listings contain all the files you need to replace the applique in the pattern as well as a set of different sizes in case you want to use the eyes and motifs for a different project. This way you don’t absolutely need the pattern to use the embroidery and vice-versa.
From today until Wednesday, February 13th, the new embroidery files will be 50% off! And their partner patterns will be 30% off 😀
I hope this makes everyone’s sewing a little easier!

Meanwhile I’ve got to get back to embroidering ;P I’ve got a bunch more to catch up on!

4 thoughts on “Embroidery catch-up and a sale!”

  1. Love the scales for the dragon faces!! I can’t wait to use these.

    I’m super excited to hear that you’re going to be catching up on the embroidery patterns!! I was just thinking the other day that I wish you had embroidery faces for your classic sushi patterns that I love so much.

    After seeing these faces, I hope you create add-ons for scales on the arms, back, or bellies of the dragons. I think that would be super cute.

    Thank you!

  2. I think I see that you have embroidery files for all of the critters in the Fairy Tale Set. Have you considered selling them in a bundle labeled as the Fairy Tale embroidery files? Even if there’s no bundled discount it would make it a lot easier for newer customers like me to buy the correct ones since you know they match up.

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