Free Pattern Friday! Mer-kitty Plush

Hi everyone!
I’ve been enamored by all the online art challenges that go on through the year, like Inktober. And some of you might know that this month is Mermay! So it felt like a mermaid of some kind had to be in order <3 This little cutie is similar to my Witch Kitty plush from last October, but it has a huge colorful tail with complementing little waist fins.
With just a few major pieces, it’s a little easier to put together than the Witch Kitty, though the waist seam gets a little crowded when you sew it. So I settled on 4/10 stars but it’s just barely there.

This pattern also comes with embroidery files for the face 😀 Although a 5” x 7” hoop is needed. The chest fur only needs a 4” x 4” hoop though. I also created a top stitched design for the tail. Sadly the tail is quite large so you’ll need at least a 7” x 10” hoop to stitch all the little scales – which looks pretty cool when it’s done. But if you don’t have a large hoop the tail will still look really great with the more manageable top stitching guides included in the pattern.

And if you’d like to buy the fabric already pre-printed and ready to sew, 4 different designs are available on my Spoonflower page! No embroidery or applique (or even fabric hunting for that matter) needed <3. I’m so happy with how these came out — the fins are super detailed and have loads of bright gradated colors!

32 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Mer-kitty Plush”

  1. My 14 yr old granddaughter LOVES to make your creatures and give them to friends as gifts…she will go crazy for this one!!! We are “cat people”.

  2. These are so cute! And I love that you have embroidery files with them, but I need to ask, is it possible on some of the faces to split the designs so those of us with 4×4 hoops only can still get I on the fun? (No pressure, though, you do what is fun for you!)

    1. Thanks so much! I did try to split up the face design but I couldn’t manage to get the pieces to line up again so it looked correct :/ So it didn’t feel right to share it if I couldn’t properly explain how to do it. I could try to share the pieces regardless though! I’m not sure how you embroidery wizards do it 🙂
      I also tried to remove the whiskers and shrink the eyes and that ended up with a very funny look too, haha!

      1. I’m still learning how to line things up, honestly, but it’s a lot of marking things out with air-erase pens as far as I can tell so far. I do have patterns for “kawaii” eyes that are separate, so I might give this a try with those when I get a chance!

  3. my didn’t come out as cute as yours. But will give it another try. Love this pattern THANKS. Want to post a picture but wasn’t sure how.

    1. Hello! You can definitely sell items you’ve sewn from this pattern 🙂 A credit back to me would be much appreciated but not absolutely necessary.

  4. Would love to buy some of the mer kitty and the penguin s and dolphins and unicorn. Please let me know how i can. Love them

  5. Thank you these adorable kitties! Can you tell me how many of these kitties fit on a 1 yard piece of minky?

  6. I’m 13 years old and I downloaded and made this pattern for my little sisters Birthday! Thank you so so so much for your free patterns❤️. You are very talented! I can’t wait to give this to my little sister!

  7. The Spoonflower fabric looks amazing. I see you recommend Minky – how big of a piece of fabric should I order to make sure I get it all on the print without missing any or having spare parts? Do all 4 for on 1 yard?

  8. This is so cool! I made my friend a Deadpool mer-kitty. The fin patterns work so well for the black parts of the mask.

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