Etsy Spring Sale!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop a quick line to mention the Etsy Spring Sale going on for the next week 🙂 You might have already heard from my Facebook and other social media.

Etsy sellers can choose to participate, so I’m offering my whole shop at 10% off, and as a special bonus, spring-themed items like birds and bunnies are 20% off 😀 So I hope you all enjoy your pre-Easter shopping!

3 thoughts on “Etsy Spring Sale!”

  1. Hello there! I recently found your website through my mom and she wants to sew a few plushies for me. ^^
    My mom keeps asking a question: Are you going to upload basic embroidery files for your plushies? It would be very great, but of course you don’t have to!

    1. Hello! I actually only just recently started offering embroidery files with my patterns 🙂 I plan to go back and revisit my most popular older patterns and make files for them too, so suggestions are always welcome!

      1. That’s awesome ^^
        I’m in love with your bat plush and a neko atsume would be great as a little doppelganger-to-go of my cat 😂

        It would be very nice if maybe you could do them.

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