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Free Pattern Friday! Love Dragon Plush


Hey everyone!
Being February you just know I had to do something themed for Valentine’s Day, but when I saw how close it was to the Chinese Lunar New Year I got especially excited! I tried to come up with a project that combined both ideas, and landed on a cute Eastern style dragon plush holding a tiny heart. Not too dissimilar from Valentine’s teddy bears, but I thought it was a cute twist 😀
The pattern also comes with templates to make it a Western style dragon as well, with wings and horns instead of antlers and whiskers. Either way, it’s slightly different from other dragons I’ve done because it has a more prominent snout and tiny little ears. All the small details do add up to a bit of hand sewing and careful stitching, so I’ve rated it 4/10 in difficulty.
I hope it will make a fun project for you all over this last weekend before V-day! ❤

And there’s a bonus! As some of you may know, I don’t usually do embroidery because my old machine was on the fritz for many years (and I just really love applique so much you guys, haha). Well, I finally got one this past Christmas so I’m ready to start sharing embroidery files to go with my patterns! I usually only made them for myself, so I hope they stitch out well for you. Do let me know if there are any issues so I can make them better for future projects!

P.S. If you’d like to see some behind-the-scenes work on the making of this plush, check out my Patreon! For just $1 a month, subscribers get all of my free patterns one week early. And the perks have been expanded so you’ll now get more behind-the-scenes posts as well 😀

36 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Love Dragon Plush

  1. how cool adding the embroidery files and tips !
    thank you so much, that is excellent ! As I have an embroidery machine and do not love so much making applique, that is perfect !

    oh, and, for the winter I have made a very cute bat :

    thank you again for your patterns !

  2. So cute! I hope that all the love you pour into your designs and website return to you tenfold this New Year! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  3. Oh man thank you so much, this is amazing! Cute dragons with embroidery files! My favourite plush artist providing embroidery files with patterns is a dream come true! I always feel that plushes with some embroidered parts gives it such a professional feel to it!

  4. Thank you so very much for the delightful pattern. AND, to include some embroidery files is topping on the ice cream!

  5. Seconded! Following you on Patreon has been such a fun (and affordable) way to to support all the amazing free stuff you add to our community. It’s also been super fun to see the behind the scenes stuff and you’re really fun to chat with! Your sketches are just as cute as your final plushies!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  6. Thanks for the cute pattern! 😀

  7. Thank you for including the embroidery files! I have made a couple for use with your patterns (most notably the panda loaf plush) but this makes it so much easier.

  8. merci c’est trp chouette

  9. Embroidery files! And I thought I couldn’t love you more. ❤

  10. I adored your designs before but now I love them!!!

  11. Thank you for the free pattern ! They are so cute and I can’t wait to make them !

  12. Thank you so very much for the pattern. And a super thank you for the embroidery files!!! I appreciate so much!

  13. I was wondering what kind of fabric you use for the applique? I love your patterns and this was a wonderful idea!

  14. I’m going to creep into a corner and cry my eyes out! I want an embroidery machine and I want it now!!!
    Seriously tho, your patterns are amazing. Thank for all the hard work you put into them and bless your heart for offering them free.

  15. Your patterns are the absolutely best! I have turned out beautiful plushes and I am not very experienced at sewing. I always get good results with your beautiful designs and well written patterns. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  16. Hi! I would like to know where you get your fabrics! I can’t find anything like what you use on plushes!

  17. Agreed with everyone else I just bought myself an embroidery machine and can use tips

  18. I love your patterns and I’m sorta new to sewing but they’re so much fun to make and always turn out great. I so was excited to see this dragon because I’ve wanted to make a dragon plushie for a while but never found a pattern. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

  19. Hi, I’m having trouble importing your embroidery files to my machine since it only reads 4×4 files. Is there any way to remove the alignment for the face and body so the images will fit a 4×4 machine?

  20. Wat een lief patroontje. Mijn kleinkinderen gaan het fantastisch vinden. dank je wel.

  21. Lindos proyectos

  22. thank you so much

  23. Where is the free patern??

  24. Están o ndos quisiera saber por favor si puedentegalarme los patrones

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