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Free Pattern Friday! Kitty Bean Plush


Hi everyone! This week I’ve made up a pattern that was inspired by the adorable Tsum Tsum plushies you see from Disney. I love the simple, stackable shape of their bodies so I created something similar that I called a bean ❤ Though you could easily whip out plenty as loads of different animals, I stuck with a classic kitty since they are usually everyone’s favorite.

What make them different, and what I love, are the adorable little feet that are nestled underneath their faces. I hope you’ll give the pattern a try, and maybe do your own cute spin on it!

5 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Kitty Bean Plush

  1. What a cutie! Thank you.

  2. Wow. I just put in an order for Minky from China. The colours I chose will be Puuuuufect for these. Pity I have to wait 3 months for the postage!

  3. Aww, they’re awesome! They remind me of nemu nekos a lot, haha 😀 I just wish I could sew on faces that well..!

  4. Do you have them embroidery pattern for the faces? I would love to get that.

    • Not at this time 🙂 I only just started offering embroidery files for my newest patterns, and I hope to go back and revisit old ones as well. So this will definitely be on my list!

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