Free Pattern Friday! Kitty Bean Plush

Hi everyone! This week I’ve made up a pattern that was inspired by the adorable Tsum Tsum plushies you see from Disney. I love the simple, stackable shape of their bodies so I created something similar that I called a bean <3 Though you could easily whip out plenty as loads of different animals, I stuck with a classic kitty since they are usually everyone’s favorite.

What make them different, and what I love, are the adorable little feet that are nestled underneath their faces. I hope you’ll give the pattern a try, and maybe do your own cute spin on it!

22 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Kitty Bean Plush”

  1. Aww, they’re awesome! They remind me of nemu nekos a lot, haha 😀 I just wish I could sew on faces that well..!

    1. Not at this time 🙂 I only just started offering embroidery files for my newest patterns, and I hope to go back and revisit old ones as well. So this will definitely be on my list!

  2. I know this is kind of old, but thank you so much for this pattern! I’m really new to sewing, and I have never sewn a plushie before. However, I found myself with nothing to do, stuck inside the house, so I decided to give this pattern a go. I struggled, hand sewing all of it with no machine (idk they scare me >.<) but I got him finished. I'm reasonably proud of myself. Thank you, again!

  3. Kera Christine Hoagland

    hey is there a way to use your embroidery files if I don’t have the money for an embroidery machine? I have a great sewing set up but the faces are the appeal to me and I know you can hand embroider but I don’t know if it will work for this type of thing…also if it’s possible does anyone have any good youtube video links they recommend?

  4. these are so cute thank you! i made one for my daughter & now all my nieces & nephew want one for themselves.

    thanks for publishing these for free 💖 they’re such fun & cute projects!! perfect for a total beginner like myself. i’m so excited to try out more 🙂

  5. Thank you for putting these up for free and allowing us to sell what we create! I’m using this pattern to raise money for charity, and I’m super grateful.

  6. I have made several of these and this one is still one of my favorites to make. People love them and the “Squee” face is too cute. One day I will use the other faces but right now that one is my go-to. Everyone loves it.

  7. I love your patterns! 🥰🥰 I just wish I knew how to embroider 😩 would you consider offering little step by step for hand embroidery? 😊

    1. Hello! I don’t typically do hand embroidery, instead I usually do fusible web applique, which is included in these pattern instructions 💖 But I’ll certainly keep your suggestion in mind for the future!

  8. I printed this pattern at 25% size and am now making an army of tiny beans out of fleece scraps to give to random people on my college campus. Thank you for sharing this pattern and making this possible.

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