Spooky Halloween Plush Contest Winners!

You guys just made my Halloween! I could not have been happier this October seeing all of your amazing creations ♥ So many werewolves, bats, sugar skulls, and creepy kitties — I don’t know how it could have been better 😀 Thank you everyone who sent something in — it was such a pleasure to see your creations! Picking just 18 winners was incredibly tough, I could have easily done 10 more. So if you didn’t get a prize, please know that I still really appreciated your participation 🙂 Over 200 people entered, so the competition was fierce.

The prize emails have already been sent out, as well as all the runner ups who got coupons for my new Chibi Horror plush pattern!
These are good for 2 weeks so you’ll have plenty of time to use it 😀

But now, the winners!
THE HONORABLE MENTIONS ♥ All of these people will be receiving a FREE copy of my new Chibi Horror plush pattern 😀
In alphabetical order:

Honorable mention: Angela Wilson
Her adorable Headless Horseman and Horse are just chock full of details — including magnets to attach the heads and a removable jacket.


Honorable mention: Ashley Gomez
Made this adorable jackalope dragon hybrid. Really fun Halloween colors and cute spooky wings.


Honorable mention: Carol Barg
This super creepy take on my Werewolf pattern would definitely keep me up at night — love it!
Honorable mention: Chloe Pasturel
This adorable Day of the Dead duo is so fun — and the impeccable clothes just put them over the top!
Honorable mention: Evalyn Kohl
Made this really cute demon bunny with my Jackalope pattern. So beautifully done!
Honorable mention: Kyla Cleveland
Made this spectacular skeleton bat. I received a lot of these and just had to call this one the best ♥
Honorable mention: Megan Hicks
Really simple, but so wonderfully done. This sweet little skeleton kitty has the more adorable face!


Honorable mention: Sandrine Godard
This amazing sugar skull night fury really stands out among the rest with all of its intricate bones and details.


Honorable mention: Shieragon
https://shieragon.deviantart.com/ Made this show-stopping skeleton dragon. The bones are so tiny I can’t imagine how they were all sewn.


Honorable mention: Theresa Seitz
I love the creativity and fun that went into this zombie Totoro — it even has a matching treat bag — using another pattern of mine!

THE JUDGE’S AWARDS ♥ All of these people will be receiving a FREE copy of my new Chibi Horror plush pattern and their choice of three patterns from my paid collection.

Judge’s award: Bettina Huynh
Used my Steampunk Chibi plush pattern to make this amazing Pennywise & Sally doll. Pennywise is ridiculously creepy and all his costume details are amazing!


Judge’s award: Christina McAlpine
Yet another genuinely scary plush! She used my Astrobunny pattern to make this creepy little rabbit ♥


Judge’s award: Josie Evans
Made this amazing set of spooky octopi! From a bat to Jekyll & Hyde to a zombie! I had to pick a representative — though I loved Frankenstein’s monster, the mummy had hand-painted eyes and so many little details 😀


Judge’s award: Kat Bifield
This amazing little kitty has the most amazing embroidery on its skull. I can’t fathom the dedication and precision it took to pull off!


Judge’s award: Stezy Lee
Another spectacular Pennywise rendition! Complete with sewer grate photo! I was floored!

In THIRD PLACE — who’ll receive my new Chibi Horror plush, and a choice of five patterns from my paid collection:

Third place: Kate Hite
Made this amazing collection of spooky hybrids, from a Goblin to a Zombie dragon to a Werewolf bat — each with amazing backstories! But to pick a representative, I went with the adorable Spidie spider dog. It boasts 8 chubby little legs! I was so impressed by the amazing construction and fun creativity in all of these creations.

In SECOND PLACE — who’ll receive my new Chibi Horror plush, and a choice of five patterns from my paid collection, and a yard of my Zombie Cut & Sew fabric:

Second place: Carissa G This was such a close call. The construction on this plush is absolutely jaw-dropping. And the design is fun and eye-catching. I really wish I could have called 2 winners for this contest, because this is a joy to look at ♥

And lastly the GRAND PRIZE WINNER — who’ll receive my new Chibi Horror plush, and a choice of five patterns from my paid collection, a collection of 9 Halloween-themed minky fabrics, and 3 bags of stuffing from Hobbs Batting:

Grand prize! Blackash

The sewing and construction on this awesome spider bat is just outstanding. But what really pushed me over the edge was the creativity of it. I love the curly little spider legs and the different sized eyes. And the spider web wings just bring it all together. Congratulations Blackash! Your plush was phenomenal! ♥
And congrats to all the other winners and all the amazing people who entered! I can’t thank you all enough for the huge response 😀 I hope you enjoy your coupons and prizes!

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