Free Pattern Bonus! Owl Bear Plush

So, after making the owl plush last week I was reminded of some of the requests I received for an Owl Bear. It’s sort of a classic monster created for the game Dungeons & Dragons, but versions of it exist in other fantasy games like World of Warcraft too (Wildkin/Moonkin). Seeing some of the official and fan-created art for this creature – some of which is really cute! – I couldn’t help but want to try and make a quick variation using the new owl pattern 😀

So this little bonus pattern of sorts has the same body shape as the original owl, but with new clawed and winged arms, feet, bear ears, tail, and detailed face. It’s just about the pudgiest bear cub you’ve ever laid eyes on, haha! I hope some of you nerdy D&D fans out there might give it a try!

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  1. I want to request any of the following: Eevee Plush, Eeveelution Plush, Riolu Plush, or Mimikyu Plush for a free pattern, Please do them I been with you for a while

  2. Helena Sofia Martins Ribeiro

    Cute as ever! Btw, have you ever thought of a pattern for a Chocobo plush? They’re from Final Fantasy.

  3. It’s adorable! I have a question for you….how do you keep your minky pieces lined up so well? Trying to sew minky is like impossible for me because it wants to slide, and won’t stay connected where I need it to 🙁 Do you have any tricks for it?

    1. Thank you so much! I know the usual practice is to use LOTS of pins, usually one every 1/2″ or so. Using a walking foot also helps. I personally have good luck just lowering the presser foot pressure on my machine. So hopefully one or a combination of those options helps you!

  4. I have just stumbled on to your amazing patterns and I can’t wait to sew up a few! Wondering if you might consider doing a cactus plush? Like I am picturing the cactuar from final fantasy lol

      1. Hi Choly. I was wondering if you could create a frenchie (french bulldog) plush?

  5. I love this! I’m definitely making one for our DM, she loves owl bears. Add a zipper and a lining and this could make a cute little dice bag.

  6. i made a large one that can double as a cuddle toy or a pillow for my little one for company for her hospital stays, i haven’t sewn anything for some time but your patterns and instructions are so easy to follow, looking forward to seeing what else you put on in the future

  7. I hope you see this!

    I’m very confused about the appliqués. I’ve made it all the way to fusing the web and cutting out the pieces and placing them, but how do I fuse them to the face!? It’s just the paper side that doesn’t fuse if I follow the directions!


    1. Hello! I’m sorry you’re having trouble!
      Do you still have the paper adhered to the applique pieces? Because if so you should be able to peel that off to reveal the adhesive beneath 🙂 Then that would be fused to the owl’s face.
      I hope I understood your problem correctly and that helps!

  8. What colours did you use for the brown owl-bear? A friend of mine wants this in minky fabric, but I’m not sure which browns and yellow to use. Thanks so much for all your wonderful patterns!

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