MCC Send-off Contest Winners!

All I can say is WOW! I can’t believe all of the amazing entries that came out of the woodwork for this contest! Thank you all so much to everyone who participated! It was so tough to choose the 20 entries that I did; I would have easily given out 20 more prizes without a second thought. So please know that if you didn’t get a prize, your participation was still very much loved and appreciated ♥ I got over 250 people that entered the contest, many of whom submitted 3 projects or more, so there was some tough competition.
If you haven’t gotten your prize email by now, below you should see where you stand 🙂 And if you still want to get a hold of some free patterns, I’m starting a giveaway TOMORROW! For all you guys that are still new to plush-making and maybe didn’t feel comfortable competing ♥

THE HONORABLE MENTIONS ♥ All of these people will be receiving a FREE copy of my Steampunk Chibi plush pattern 😀
In no particular order:

Honorable Mention: Alicia St. Clair
This cute reindeer cheered me up the moment I saw it ♥ The well-stitched eyes plus the plush scarf and tiny Christmas lights really put it over the top!

Honorable Mention: Alisa
Alisa’s whole gallery is breathtaking, which gorgeous photography and very precise yet huggable stitchery. But this griffin stood out to me as a favorite.

Honorable Mention: Ester
Ester made a huge cuddle-size version of my Jackalope that just took my breath away. And the jumbo-sized Peryton friend is a nice accompanyment too ♥

Honorable Mention: Jenysa971
This Sylveon based on my Shiba Cube plush is too cute not to include! Every detail is there, from the pink feet to the sets of ribbons, to the curvy tail. And it’s all done immaculately.

Honorable Mention: Kat Bee
Kat Bee blows me away with her adorable cryptozoology blog. She also has an amazing albino Jackalope and a Puffskein that make you want to go out and discover new animals!

Honorable Mention: Josie Evans
Josie used my Bigfoot pattern to create this adorable pair (that even came with a cute poem!). The attention to detail in the feet and the stylized Yeti hair won me over.

Honorable Mention: Kate Hite
Kate also shared an adorable Kitsune, but this amazing Jackalope stole my heart! In true steampunk fashion, Jackson here sports an astrolabe and compass tattoo!

Honorable Mention: Lunarchik13
These legendary bird Pokemon blew me away, but I thought Moltres was particularly impressive.

Honorable Mention: Lynne Newberry
Lynne’s creations are simple and sweet, but are impeccably made. My favorite, the cat here, has a personality all its own!

Honorable Mention: Maria
Seeing this photo set made my day when I got it. Not only are the photographs beautiful, but the lace details make such a world of difference to my simple bat pattern. I was in love!

Honorable Mention: Marion Moser
The color choices and small details make this Werewolf (and unicorns) something completely unique and special.

Honorable Mention: Mad Hatter Plushies
Such a huge transformation, but the spirit of my Astrobunny plush is still here. It’s wonderfully crafted and has so much character!

Honorable Mention: Samy Russell
Many of my patterns have been changed into completely adorable and unique creations. This sweet Kitsune stood out to me the most.

Honorable Mention: Sarah A. Chevalier-Rood
The small changes and attention to detail make such a huge difference in these plushies. This Shenron version of my Haku dragon scarf pattern is a favorite, but the bloodied werewolf is just as amazing too!

Honorable Mention: Seamstressy
This version of Toothless is just impeccable and makes such a creative use of one of my patterns. There’s also octo-earmuffs to be enjoyed as well!

Next were the runner-up prizes! These people received ALL of the legendary creature patterns I created for 2016 in addition to the Steampunk Chibi plush pattern 😀

5th Place: The Ninja Chicken
All of Ninja’s Chicken’s entries were just gorgeous. Wonderful attention to detail and little changes that made the plushies unique. I loved them all!

4th Place: Alchemic
This version of my Maneki Neko pouch made me smile as soon as I saw it. All the tiny immaculate details make you want to look closer to take it all in. Gorgeous!

3rd Place: Fafa
Fafa also has an adorable Charmander made from my Tiny Dino Plush pattern. I honestly couldn’t decide between the two, but this intricate and detailed version of Gilda the griffin is just fantastic!

2nd Place: Nicole “AnimeCat” Holland
I so want one of these for my own! This breathtaking version of my Maneki Neko pouch is made into a full-fledged purse — complete with pocket for chapstick. It’s more than I could dream for!

And last is the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! This winner gets the whole sewing pack! Complete with over $50 worth of minky and other sewing supplies, PLUS all the patterns mentioned before 😀


Gorgeous photography aside, Leah Tribal’s versions of my dragon pattern feel like they could come to life. With so much attention to detail and every stitch perfectly placed, they all have so much character and love put into them.

So congrats to Leah Tribal on her excellent work and congrats to all the other amazing makers! You guys really blew me away! I couldn’t have imagined a better response 😀
Thanks again to everyone that entered!

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  1. I love the black cat. Was it made exactly following a pattern or was it a modification? Which pattern would it have been made from?

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