Free Pattern Friday! Card Captor Sakura Brooch

I’m continuing my quest to make more cute patterns for complete beginners!

Like a lot of people around the net lately, I’ve been obsessed with enamel and laser cut acrylic pins and all the fun and cute styles that have been released from numerous artists. Sadly, I can’t afford to have all the ones I want, so I had to make do with making some myself from felt! This project is pretty specific in that it’s just for the iconic key used in the anime Cardcaptor Sakura, but the same process can be used for other designs as well. I hope at least some fans of the show/manga enjoy it!


8 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Card Captor Sakura Brooch

  1. I have a weakness for collecting, so I’ve had to stay away from the pins because I would want them all too!! Love this adorable pattern – definitely going to be making some up!

  2. Aww how cute! A lovely tribute to CCS. It would be perfect paired with the egg backpack you released for White Day a few years back, too!

    I like how simple the process is. Now I want to make a Triforce and a Moogle pin too, haha. XD

  3. Danke 😙😙😙😙

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