Infographic: Plush Sewing Basics Vocabulary

I’ve got another infographic for you all today! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this one 🙂 It’s an infographic showing the basic terminology and vocabulary you might want to know for plush sewing. It covers a lot of the terms that are thrown around that intermediate and advanced sewers might take for granted that everyone knows. It took all of my determination to keep this concise, haha. I would have loved to go in-depth for every topic, but obviously it’s mean to be a quick, at-a-glance kind of vocab list. With any luck, it might help jog your memory or give you something to work off of the next time a sewing term confuses you!


14 thoughts on “Infographic: Plush Sewing Basics Vocabulary”

  1. This is great. I wish I had this when I was starting out. You did forget the ladder stitch. That was one I didn’t learn in girl scouts. I had to google it the first bear I made,

  2. Very informative, thank you. What infographic program did you use to create this? I’m a teacher and I can see how this format would be helpful for other vocabulary lessons.

    1. Thank you so much! For my infographics I like to use Adobe InDesign if the information is very text & photograph heavy. I use Adobe Illustrator if the information is very illustration heavy.
      I hope that helps! I completely agree with your sentiment 🙂

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