Freebie Friday: The Gothic Lolita Satchel

I remember the first time I saw a Gothic Lolita Bible. Up until then I was not interested in goth at all. Marilyn Manson was definitely not my thing and I thought all the black and chains and fishnets were kind of boring really – uninspired. But when I cracked open that Gothic Lolita Bible I saw what goth should and could be. Gothic with a capital G if you will :3 This was Victorian-inspired, elaborate, detailed clothing and costumes. It was breathtaking really, and I had a brief stint where I made a lot of Lolita-style costumes that I still love.

The red I used here was a leftover from a costume I made last Halloween, and I had a lot of different ideas in how to use it. It was when I saw all these bits of hardware and lace that needed a home that I tried to find what they could go with, and this red was the best and only answer. The strap was the last bit of a leather trim I purchased many years back for another costume, and it was the perfect length for a handle, so that felt like kismet. The lace was a leftover of some Lolita-style bunny hats I made a collection of a little while back. I still have so much of that lace left XD So expect to see more later! And lastly the buckles were leftover from some other bags I had made. I really like the look of them so I was itching to find a way to use them up.

I think the look all came together quite nicely! And it reminds me of a lot of the bags you’d find in the Gothic Lolita Bible so I feel like I’ve succeeded!


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