Throwback Thursday plus New Mini Sushi Pattern!

Three years ago when my blog was way in its infancy I launched the Monthly Crafting Challenge with a set of 13 sushi plushies 😀 I still look back on them fondly because they felt like the perfect little patterns to get things going. Simple, varied, and so very loveable. I felt inclined to go back and give them a reboot – not only to … Continue reading Throwback Thursday plus New Mini Sushi Pattern!

New Freebie for October!

Hello, internet land! Are you all enjoying the start of fall? I know I am 😀 I’m so glad it’s finally October. I’m working on a lot of projects that I’m hoping to share with you in the coming weeks, and the weather down here in Florida is slowly getting more bearable. Last week I had another giveaway for my Nyan-Cat Quilt to celebrate a … Continue reading New Freebie for October!