The Nyan Cat Quilt-along Week 2

So here we go, hopefully you have your supplies (at least the weeks 2-5 supplies) – we start sewing today!
As you might remember from week 1, we’re not doing this quilt pixel by pixel, but rather block by block to save both time and fabric. Today we’re sewing section C1; that’s the star in the upper left corner of the quilt 😀

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The Nyan Cat Quilt-along! It begins!


I brought the pixel quilting back! As I said before with the Heart Piece Pillow Cover, I really loved the process of making quilted projects to mimic pixels, so I went for it again 😀 The Nyan Cat notebook just didn’t seem like enough love for this kitty, so I thought I’d try making a quilt ^-^ It’s a huge project, and it took me quite a while to get it all together, so I thought the best way to go about it was to make a quiltalong! I thought every week I would go over a different section of the quilt, and after a few months we’ll have a finished quilt! It’s a pretty slow pace, but it makes it perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to quilt 😀

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Freebie Friday! The Nyan Cat Notebook

Prj037BSo are you all the type that loves Nyan Cat or just finds it annoying? I’m the former >w< Sure the song is an addictive and repetitive earworm, but it’s just so darn cute, I can’t help it! I actually made another notebook just like this for my boyfriend a long while back while he was going through a whole bunch of overtime so he’d have something to look forward to when he got home from all that work. The Mario Block Plush was actually one of them, and this was another 😀

I got the idea because I absolutely love bookbinding, though I’m not nearly as skilled at it as I am with sewing. So long back that I barely remember, I bought a multi-pack of rainbow paper. It was for a school project that I don’t even remember the details to XD as I probably just used about 10 sheets and was forced to hold onto the rest. I guess that means I must admit that not only do I have a fabric stash problem, I have a paper stash problem too ;o; To tell the truth not only do I have those papers to get rid of, but a while back I got addicted to buying scrapbook paper stacks that I thought were particularly pretty. You’ll see a sample in steps 10-11. I guess I need to get cracking on more notebooks like this if I want to use up all that stuff.


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