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Infographic: Hand Sew Your Way Through Anything

It’s infographic time again! I got some great feedback from people suggesting this one. It’s a very common question I get – whether it’s possible to sew a plush pattern by hand instead of machine if you don’t have a machine. And the answer is a resounding yes! Most sewing patterns (plush and otherwise) only really use 2 or 3 basic stitches to get the job done, so it’s just a matter of replacing those with their hand-sewn equivalent. In a lot of cases, it’s actually better and easier to sew projects by hand instead of machine, because it lets you get more detailed and accurate results. In fact many of the fanciest haute couture gowns are still sewn entirely by hand to this day!

So never fear, and check out the info below if you need to translate your pattern to be more hand-friendly.


Finally! Previous Sushi Plush Patterns for Sale!

Ohmahglob guys! I’m so sorry it took me so long to finally get these ready, but as requested by many many of you, the exclusive sushi plush patterns from back months are finally on sale!

That’s right! For those of you who found out about my blog recently and are wondering how you can win the past sushi plushies, now you can purchase them from my Etsy!

The truth is, I was planning on listing the whole collection of sushi plushies once this first year of monthly crafting challenge was over >w< It just seemed like a good way to finish off the year. But very surprisingly, I got a huge demand for people that wanted to catch up with previous months right now, so I got to work on getting them Etsy-ready. So I want to apologize for anyone that had to wait longer than they’d like x_x I wanted to make sure the patterns I posted were worth your money, so I went back and edited them carefully, formatted them all pretty, and even did some extra testing to make sure there were no issues. The .pdf patterns even include a little section on working with printable patterns and appliqué so you’re helped every step of the way. Hopefully you’ll find the patterns you spend your hard-earned money on will be better than ever!

So please stop by my Etsy and have a look at which ones you’d like to add to your collection! They’re only $2 each, and $10 for the whole set if you want to catch up quickly. Just like with my other free patterns and book projects, you can send the finished photos of the projects to me and I’ll send you more free patterns as per my Monthly Crafting Challenge.

And don’t worry about always waiting this long ^w^ From here on out, whenever a new monthly pattern is released, the previous month will go right up on Etsy so you’ll never miss your chance! ♥

Onigiri Collection

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New Freebie for July!

Wow >w< it’s already July! I’ve been working so hard to prepare for Metrocon at the end of the month I barely noticed the time slip by. In case you don’t know, Metrocon is an anime convention in Tampa that I’ve been attending for 10 years now 😀 There I sell all of my handmade cosplay-style hats and hoodies (you can see examples on my Deviantart). So if you’re in the area, I certainly hope you’ll consider attending!

As far as my stash goes, I think I barely made a dent this month XD. In fact, after Metrocon is over I’m going to have to work with an entirely new stash of fleece scraps. So you’ll probably see projects for plushies and the like. Nevertheless, I still brought my total of free patterns past 30 😀 which isn’t too shabby – so I know all that extra fabric is going somewhere. And I have lots more project ideas to try out down the line ^w^

But the real reason I’m here of course is because it’s the first of the month, and time for the next leg of my Monthly Crafting Challenge!
The freebie for all of July is this super happy Tuna Hand Roll Plush!


This is a completely new sushi style that I haven’t done before, as it’s in the style of hand rolled sushi as opposed to a sushi that’s been rolled on a sushi mat. Instead of a neat little round, hand rolled sushi is more of a mound of rice with some fillings in the middle, then the whole thing is wrapped in a cone of nori seaweed… kinda like a burrito I guess >w< Nevertheless, it makes it much easier to stuff the sushi with more fillings or unusual fillings, even though it makes the end result kind of a test to eat XD

If you haven’t signed up for emails yet, you can get this little guy along with the freebie for June today only, and after today the prize is just this guy 🙂 Just sign up with the entry box on the side of the screen and I’ll send you the pattern!

If you’ve already signed up for emails, that’s where the challenge comes in. You can get this pattern if you make one of the projects from this blog or my books then message the finished project to my Facebook where I have a really awesome collection going of your creations! Keep it up every month and you’ll get a new free pattern, so don’t forget to check back during July to see what I’ve cooked up :3

As much as I hate to say it, that’s it for June >x< July looks to be just as busy, so I’d better get back to work! xD