Free Pattern Friday! Pikachu Hoodie Hack

Hi everyone! It’s September now, so that means spooky season is coming up fast! As usual, I think it’s nice to start off with some costume ideas — so here’s another hoodie hack! ❤ I used to create Pokemon hoodies for sale pretty regularly, but pattern-making now takes up my whole schedule. I told myself if that happened I would start sharing my templates for … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday! Pikachu Hoodie Hack

Free Pattern Friday! Gen 8 Pokemon Starter Hoodie Hacks

Hi everyone! So it’s September and that means I’m kicking off my Halloween projects! I’ve got 2 months of lots of creepy patterns and costumes to look forward to, as well as a giveaway in October! I hope you’ll stay tuned for all I have planned ❤ The first project on my list is a new hoodie hack! I figure releasing it now will give … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday! Gen 8 Pokemon Starter Hoodie Hacks

Pattern Hack! Make a Plush Pea Pod Family!

I recently modified my Chick Pea plush pattern into this little snuggly family of peas to give to my friend 😀

You guys remember the Chick Peas plush pattern I featured in March, right? Of course you do!

If you’ve purchased the pattern or earned yours during March, then you can use this hack to modify the plush into a zipped pouch! In the following tutorial, I’ll show you what new supplies to purchase and how you need to change the pattern you already have to make a pea pod family zip pouch instead of the snuggly chick peas.

The story behind this goes that a little bit back one of my very closest friends announced she was pregnant! She wanted to have a gender reveal party and announce the new arrival via plush! >w< So I was lucky enough to get the honor of making the family of peas in a zippered pea pod pouch for the reveal ^-^ In the end, the new arrival turned out to be a boy, so the middle pea was decorated with a little blue newsboy cap. Unfortunately I had to make it at the last moment so that’s not included in the tutorial here ^^; But this family of peas would be a lovely gift for a baby shower or perhaps a Mother or Father’s Day gift.

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