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Freebie Friday: The Retro Circle Purse

Here’s #4! A little bit of an experimental project ^-^ With this bag, the zipper isn’t on the top, but rather on the side. So you can open up the side to reach everything all the way to the very bottom.

It’s kinda crazy probably – actually yeah, it’s crazy. But that was one of the reasons I wanted to make free patterns for this blog was to try out new and interesting ideas :B You can always skip the zipper if you want.
Anyway, the fabrics I picked started out as the blue and purple accent colors you see. They’re this fine and soft corduroy and I love the colors, especially when I found they paired perfectly with this cotton batik I got on sale. Unfortunately, the blue and purple are just way too loud on their own, so I had to pair them with something more neutral. I found they looked very nice with some gray faux suede. Though finding it made me realize I have a lot of gray fabrics o_o;;
So the blue and purple corduroy got relegated to accent fabrics in a retro reverse-appliqué circle pattern you see before you 😀
The reverse appliqué is a little tricky if you haven’t done it before, but lots of pins, tape, and other products that temporarily hold your fabrics in place really help.


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Freebie Friday: The Zipper Bucket Bag

Whew! I’ve been busy all week working on cleaning up the sushi plush patterns for my Monthly Crafting Challenge. So there was no post mid-week, but I’m back for what I hope to be a weekly thing — that is, Freebie Fridays ^w^

Here’s #3! I think I’m on a roll!

Both the outer fabric and lining were leftover from some projects I made from previous books I’ve written. There was just so much! So I didn’t completely use up the fabric 😦 Better luck next time. I don’t even remember what I had the zipper around for, all I know is I’ve had this bright green zipper around forever and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it for something.

I’m a sucker for interesting pocket shapes and weird zipper angles so I wanted to have that here for sure with such bright and funky colors like lime green and magenta. This is a very roomy bag with a circular bottom, perfect for taking to the beach or pool I think. The slanted front pocket gives it an interesting look and is perfect for stashing away your sunglasses or lotion 😀


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