Freebie Friday: The Zipper Bucket Bag

Whew! I’ve been busy all week working on cleaning up the sushi plush patterns for my Monthly Crafting Challenge. So there was no post mid-week, but I’m back for what I hope to be a weekly thing — that is, Freebie Fridays ^w^

Here’s #3! I think I’m on a roll!

Both the outer fabric and lining were leftover from some projects I made from previous books I’ve written. There was just so much! So I didn’t completely use up the fabric 🙁 Better luck next time. I don’t even remember what I had the zipper around for, all I know is I’ve had this bright green zipper around forever and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it for something.

I’m a sucker for interesting pocket shapes and weird zipper angles so I wanted to have that here for sure with such bright and funky colors like lime green and magenta. This is a very roomy bag with a circular bottom, perfect for taking to the beach or pool I think. The slanted front pocket gives it an interesting look and is perfect for stashing away your sunglasses or lotion 😀


3 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: The Zipper Bucket Bag”

    1. Uh oh! It looks like there are some issues with the link :/ You might be able to try right-clicking the photo while you’re on Facebook and select “Copy Image URL.” And try pasting that 😀
      I look forward to seeing it!

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