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Freebie Friday: The Zipper Bucket Bag


Whew! I’ve been busy all week working on cleaning up the sushi plush patterns for my Monthly Crafting Challenge. So there was no post mid-week, but I’m back for what I hope to be a weekly thing — that is, Freebie Fridays ^w^

Here’s #3! I think I’m on a roll!

Both the outer fabric and lining were leftover from some projects I made from previous books I’ve written. There was just so much! So I didn’t completely use up the fabric 😦 Better luck next time. I don’t even remember what I had the zipper around for, all I know is I’ve had this bright green zipper around forever and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use it for something.

I’m a sucker for interesting pocket shapes and weird zipper angles so I wanted to have that here for sure with such bright and funky colors like lime green and magenta. This is a very roomy bag with a circular bottom, perfect for taking to the beach or pool I think. The slanted front pocket gives it an interesting look and is perfect for stashing away your sunglasses or lotion 😀


A few curves at the bottom, and the zipper is inserted at an angle, but all in all nothing too confusing.
Makes one 10” x 13” bag that’s about 6” deep.

Materials & Tools:
• ⅔ yd. of medium weight fabric for outer bag (denim, twill, suiting, or canvas is good)
• 1 yd. of lightweight fabric for lining (I used polyester lining fabric here)
• 16” zipper (at least)
• Matching sewing thread
• Sewing needle

Before you begin:
1. Print out the project pattern here
2. Assemble the pattern pieces, see the page here for more help
3. Lay out the pattern pieces on your fabric and cut them out
4. Mark the fabric pieces with the markings from the pattern

1. Install the zipper in between the front top and bottom pieces. Do this by layering one side of the zipper in between the outer fabric and lining of the front bottom, lining up the edges from the zipper and the slanted side of the bag pieces. You’ll notice the seam allowance is smaller to accommodate how you’ll butt the zipper tape against the edge of the fabric. Sew all the three layers together carefully, as the fabric will have a tendency to stretch while you sew. Press the fabric away from the zipper. Repeat the same process with the front top pieces of the bag. Make sure the notches line up between the top and bottom pieces so that your slanted bag front pieces end up as a square with a zipper in between. Move the zipper slider to the middle of the zipper and trim the zipper tape off each end so you’re left with a clean square.

2. Layer one of the back lining pieces over the zippered piece you just finished. The size should be nearly the same, though it might be a few millimeters off here and there due to any stretching that might have happened in the previous step, or you might have had a different seam allowance because your zipper tape was wider. Either way, trim off any excess fabric so both squares are the same size. Baste the layers together all the way around the perimeter of the square. Be especially careful when sewing over the zipper. Use only the flywheel if necessary, as going over the zipper quickly can easily break your needle.

3. Sew the outer bag back to the bag front, similar to the previous step. However, only sew along the left and right sides. Leave the bottom and top open for turning the tube right side out. Once again, be extra careful when sewing over the zipper. Turn the tube right side out and press the seams.

4. Sew the bottom edge of the bag front and back to the circular bag bottom. Your side seams should match up with the notches on the bag bottom. To make going around the rest of the curves headache-free, you may want to clip the seam allowances in the bag front and back so it stretches over the curves while you sew. Your end result should look something like this. Now repeat steps 3 & 4 for your lining pieces, being sure to leave an opening between the circles on the pattern for turning the bag right side out when you are finished.

5. Make the straps by folding under each strap piece by ⅝” along the long sides. Iron the folds in place, then fold over the whole strap with wrong sides together lengthwise.

6. Sew the strap in half by edge stitching along the folded edges.

7. Baste the straps to your bag front and back where the pattern guidelines indicate. Be sure your straps aren’t twisted when you do this.

8. Nestle the lining into your outer bag with right sides facing, matching up the side seams. Sew along the top edge all the way around, which will also anchor your straps in place. Turn the bag right side out through the opening in the lining and press the top seam. Also sew closed the opening in the lining either by machine or with a ladder stitch.

9. If you want, I suggest you topstitch about ¼” from the top of the bag to keep the lining from occasionally peeking out.

So there you go! A really simple bag but with a quirky twist 😀 Let me know in the comments if you’ve had any issues or just any questions in general.
Are there any fun twists you like to put on a simple project? What kind of bag do you like taking to the pool or beach? Let me know!
All in all, I hope you enjoy making this project, or if you’d rather have the one from the pictures, you can buy it from my Etsy.
If you do wind up making the project, I’d love to see it! And I’ll send you free patterns from my Monthly Crafting Challenge!

For questions and terms of use information, please see the FAQ.

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    • Uh oh! It looks like there are some issues with the link :/ You might be able to try right-clicking the photo while you’re on Facebook and select “Copy Image URL.” And try pasting that 😀
      I look forward to seeing it!

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