Here are the most requested animals and characters I received in 2021! A big thanks to my Patreon patrons who helped top off the list 💖 With your vote you’ll help me narrow down what to include in 2022!
With this poll, you can choose as many as you like. If you have an idea to suggest, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll see what I can do!
If you’re curious about what I’ve already made in the past, please do take a look at my detailed search filter. You may find I already have what you’re looking for!
Thank you for your suggestions!

2022 Pattern Poll

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  1. Lestat de Lioncourt

    I would love a hyena pattern that can be turned into a bag!! I’ve been looking for hyena plushies for a while now and can’t find any big enough that I like. It would make a fantastic bag for my Harley Quinn Cosplay!!

  2. Could you make a pattern for Iggy the imp from Keeper of the Lost Cities or a Mr Snuggles which is also from Keeper of the Lost Cities? Thank you for your amazing patterns they always turn out great we especially love your wings of fire pattern hack. We are new to sewing so your patterns are always so great. Thanks so much!

    – P. L.

      1. hello!☺️ I hope you are well, I am someone who knows the basics so I found your page and it has really helped me a lot🥰 but I wanted to know if you can make a pattern of Pochita from Chainsaw man and another of the character of Satoru 🙏🏻❤️ but cat form ♡ seriously it would be the most incredible ✨️ that you be the one to do it 🥺 because I know you’re more than good!! thanks <3

    1. Hi! I acutally made both of those from the patterns already provided. She had a beginner’s plush bundle, and it included a dragon. If you get the right fabric, you can make Mr Snuggles. As for iggy, i just took the Neko Atsume plush with really furry brightly colored fabric and added bat wings. I hope that might help!

      1. I would live that also. Actually most any musical instrument….violin, ukulele, guitar, piano…..

    2. Ahhh! That’s crazy! I used to absolutely LOVE KOTLC! 😱
      And what a huge coincidence, I actually made Iggy the Imp using Choly’s free fox pattern as a base, then added wings from her free bat pattern.
      I had to modify the tail to make it striped, make white eyepatches to go under the eye applique, as well as fold over the ears to make them look more like Iggy’s.
      Yet, it wasn’t very troublesome to just modify those few bits, and the stuffie turned out great!
      I went with the classic grey for his natural fur.
      The plushie was made of fleece btw.
      If I could share a picture I would 🙁

    1. I’m glad I went threw the comments before I added mine for Oggie Boogie because i have had a request to make the set for a friend. and she asked for there dog also lol Thank You and have a great day everyone.

  3. I just love your projects! They’re such fun to make! And they’re wonderful gifts! Is there any chance you could do a pattern for Winnie the Pooh and/or Eeyore? Ooh or maybe the Beast from Beauty and the Beast? I feel like he could be a fun challenge.

  4. hiiii! i realy love you’re pattern, coul’d you make a zorua, normal and hisui, pattern please?? maibe a “floppy” version
    thank you so much

    1. Thank you so much for all the amazing patterns! It would be so great if one day you would make a pattern for Teemo (from league of legends). Would you add him to your (probably reaaaalllllly long) list of suggestions? Thanks!

  5. I’ve been playing Splatoon 3 a ton lately and I was thinking that li’l buddy the smallfry would be an amazing plushie pattern! I love your work btw 💖

  6. Christina wotherspoon

    Just found your site today. Loving these plushie patterns! Amazed that you have so many free ones. This will be my first time sewing plushies so I’m glad I found your site first. I’m desperate for a zero and oogie Boogie pattern please.

  7. First of all, thank you for all the amazing patterns. Having as many free patterns as you do helped me to get into making plushies and I’ve now bought several from your Etsy. They make such wonderful gifts.
    Do you think you could do a Boo from Mario? Someone requested that from me. My plan is to experiment with modifying the free penguin plush at some point. It’s basically the right shape but it needs to be turned. Figured I might as well put in a request before trying to do that with my very basic skill set.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and support! I’m so glad the patterns have been helpful 🥰 I’ll certainly keep your suggestion in mind for the future! But if I’m not able to get to it in time, I hope your modifications go well 💖

  8. Your work is amazing! I love all of your patterns, though I’ve only made 1.5. I’ve also been using this neat self care app called Finch lately, and I thought it would be super cool if there were a pattern to bring your bird to life!

  9. I’m learning to make plushes using your patterns, and I’m in love!
    Pattern suggestion: any digimon. My son loves digimon, but there are no sewing patterns for them.

  10. Please make Flapjack from OwlHouse! Or some of the palisman! I’ve looked up to you for years. I actually learned how to sew from your website. Thank you so much for your work!

  11. Could you make a “Poogie” pattern from “Monster Hunter World”? Maybe with some costumes? That would be so awesome! I love your work & stay creative! 🙂

  12. Hey Choly! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your designs! I’m actually thinking of creating dolls if all the characters in my d&d party with help from your doll packs. With all that said, I do have some requests if that’s ok! And no worries if you can’t do them, I’m sure you’re already swamped.

    1. I love love LOVE the beard from the centaur pack, it’s so pretty! Would it be alright if I asked for more facial hair patterns for the dolls?
    2. I have a few Dwarves in my party, and was wondering if you could do something with that. I don’t know if you can just make the doll stumpier or something, because even a shorter version of the dolls would work well!
    3. Oh boy, Orcs. My idea is that I can just use a normal doll pattern, use some pointy ears, and call it done there. It also would be super nice if you could do some embroidery files based on Orc faces and such! With tusks and maybe a scar or two.
    4. That armor pack for the dolls is awesome! I especially love the sword and shield. May I ask for a weapon/tool/prop pack? Just with random bits and doodads.
    5. Embroidery tattoos. That’s it, that’s the whole point.

    Now, I feel really, really, REALLY bad asking for all this. I’m just not good enough at sewing or embroidery to really make this stuff on my own. I must admit I also just like your style. Again, I know you probably have a looong list of things to do. If you could take some time to even consider one of these I’d be both forever in your debt and forever in debt (I’m broke AF but that won’t stop me)

    Thanks for reading my essay lol!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words about my work! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the patterns and you like my style. That really means a lot! I’m so excited you’re using them for your D&D party too 😍 That always makes me so happy.
      I’ll certainly keep all your suggestions in mind! Thanks for taking the time to share them and request more ideas ♥

  13. can you do a pattern for the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters? My Dad’s a huge fan of the movies and I haven’t been able to find a good pattern to make one for him. I’ve tried to make my own pattern but it’s become clear that pattern making isn’t my forte. Even if you decide that this isn’t a project you want to make could you give some tips on making patterns?

  14. I really hope you make a pattern for the tardigrade eventually, even if it’s low on the list. Tardigrades are so bizarre, somewhat gross, and oddly cute at the same time. I think you’d definitely do it justice in your kawaii style! \(^o^)/
    Alsoooo, I *really* appreciate the work you put into all your patterns, pictures, and instructions. I’ve become so much more confident and experienced in my sewing and pattern-making abilities! Thanks, Choly 😀

  15. My boyfriend and I both enjoy sewing, and your patterns are amazing and easy to follow! I’ve made 4 within the past few months and am looking forward to new patterns!

  16. Thank you so much for your designs they are amazing so much detail & easy patterns to follow you have made some of my grandchildren very happy Would love you to do a reindeer pattern please Thank you

  17. I am in love with the plush designs
    I now wanna make some of them.
    if at all possible just some characters for plushes
    Shantaes monkey form(you had monkey already on the voting)
    Hello Kitty
    Teepo(from Tales of Xillia)
    if not thats fine the plush patterns you have already are amazing and im just happy just having them
    and for free no less

  18. I have a few suggestions 🙂
    I’d love to see what kind of design you would come up for:
    – Pet Rock Pete (or any pet rock at all really, this one is a SpongeBob-thing)
    – Snail (you could do a Gary from SpongeBob here, too)
    – Toucan (I know you just published a bird pattern, but I am not skilled enough yet to turn that into a toucan and am interested in your interpretation)
    – Parrot (I feel like the small birdie pattern wouldn’t do them justice, they are a lot different)

    I also have some Pokémon suggestions:
    – Fukano / Arkani
    – Riolu / Lucario
    – Charizard (probably not going to happen until the other starters are finished though)

    I bet I will come up with more ideas in the future. You already have most I came up with ahaha.

  19. I think your patterns are amazing, and I pretty much love every purchase. Your patterns are so high quality and easy to use. I know you get pattern requests all the time, but a dragon hack or a pattern for Tiamat the five headed dragon queen from Dungeons and Dragons lore would be so so cool. Or a LOTR Balrog. But honestly I love the Jack and Sally, and your recent Bird patterns.

    Also since the recent shutdown of, I have no idea where to get high quality shannon minky, because Joann’s sucks. If you have any ideas lmk!

  20. Hello! I think my favorite series of your patterns are the dolls and all the expansions. I think another series that would be great is a second collection of D&D or adventurer pieces. Beards for dwarves! Viking helmets! Maybe some additional weaponry (bows, axes, etc)! Maybe some elegant elven dresses with the big flowy sleeves, like Arwen or Galadriel? Just some thoughts, always enjoy the patterns you design. 🙂

  21. I would love if you made a an espeon Pokémon or even houndoom! He is my favorite pokemon and I would give anything to make my own! 🙂

  22. Hello can you do marvel things like accessories and stuff I am obsessed with MARVEL but you haven’t got anything marvel on your website! pls. Ps can you also include the body and head in the wings of fire pattern because I don’t want to buy a whole pattern if I am only using bits of it. Plus wings of fire is my absolute fav books, they were the only thing that got me into reading! My friends/and family are also bugging me to make them a wings of fire plush, but I can’t without the body/head. PlS PLS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I was wondering if you were planning a protogen or similar pattern soon. Or which one of your patterns might be the closest to one. Thank you.

  24. I know it has already been suggested, but a reindeer (Rudolph or Clarice maybe) would be awesome! I haven’t tried your people patterns yet, but have toyed with the idea of trying to figure out how to make different characters from Demon Slayer. I’m not confident enough to try it yet and am hoping maybe you may eventually make clothing patterns and embroidery files for them. Not sure if others are interested in Demon Slayer, but my adult kids sure are! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in making your amazing patterns. I have quite a few of your free and store bought patterns and am loving them! I just wish I had more time to make them all!

  25. I recently made your reversible jem stone / unicorn pattern and would love a pikachu (or other Pokémon) that reverses into a pokeball. Your patterns have really gotten me into sewing, I love them! Thank you

  26. Hello, I always love your sewing patterns and have some requests! Can you do marvel things like accessories and stuff I am obsessed with MARVEL but you haven’t got anything marvel on your website, could you also make a nine tailed fox, that would look super cool especially if you make it. Ps can you also include the body and head in the wings of fire pattern because I don’t want to buy a whole pattern if I am only using bits of it. Plus wings of fire is my absolute fav books, they were the only thing that got me into reading! My friends/and family are also bugging me to make them a wings of fire plush, but I can’t without the body/head. PlS PLS PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐎🐎😍(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧🐲🐉

  27. Hello!! Thank you so much for your time and effort, you really have no idea how much this means to me.
    I was wondering if I could request a Moomintroll plush from the moomin series? Thank you again, and I hope you have a great day

  28. Would love a Llama pattern. Part of a group that has adopted the whole Drama Llama saying and one of the girls just found out she is pregnant! Thinking our newest might need a plush llama 🙂 If there is already a pattern, please let me know 🙂
    THANK YOU for all your awesome patterns 🙂

  29. Hi! I am looking for a pattern similar to your animal bags. I need them about that size but for a weighted stuffed animal. Look I g for a dinosaur and cow pattern. Your work is beautiful! I have made the house stuffies and they turned out so cute!

  30. I think Mushu, the dragon from Mulan, would be fun. My grandson says a Chinese dragon, like the ones they use in festivals, would be fun, also.

  31. I could totally get on board with an Iggy plush from Keeper of the Lost cities as well! If anyone knows of a pattern, please let me know! My kid is obsessed! 🤣

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