The main information about the Monthly Crafting Challenge can be found on the main page, but if you still have some questions or just need a further explanation, check out the info here!

So what is this “Monthly Crafting Challenge” of which you speak?
Most bloggers like to give away little freebies when you sign up for email updates to their blog, and I’m no different! However, I wanted to do a little twist with mine so giving away the same old freebie until the end of time doesn’t become stale 😀

So, I too give away a little freebie when you sign up for email updates to my blog – typically a little sewing pattern .pdf. But the catch is, I change it every month! People who sign up in January would get something different than the people who sign up in August. If you want to collect the projects from every month, you must share your finished project photos with me (so I can share them with the internetting world!), and I’ll give you the next month’s pattern. This is why I call it a monthly crafting challenge!

So is this like a free pattern-of-the-month kind of thing?
Sort of! There is a new pattern every month, but it’s not completely free. All I ask in exchange is that you share your finished photos of projects from my books, my website (they’re all free!), or my Etsy. If you keep up sewing something new every month you can earn a new pattern every month! I don’t ask for much, but I also don’t give the patterns away for nothing 🙂

All right! I want to get started. What do I do?
Great to have you aboard! The first step is easy! Simply sign up for email updates to my blog here 😀 You can find the sign up box to the right of the screen beneath the search bar.
If it all works correctly, you should get a confirmation email from WordPress asking if you did, in fact, sign up to get bugged by me 😀 Once you confirm, I’ll get a message telling me that you signed up and I’ll send you your pattern straight away!

I’ve signed up for updates, but haven’t got a pattern – now what?
First off: Make sure your emails from didn’t end up in your spam folder ^-^
Secondly: Make sure you’ve responded to the confirmation email from WordPress.
If still nothing: email me ^-^ Simple as that and I’ll get you squared away.

So why was there a holdup?
The explanation is this: if you’ve signed up while logged into a WordPress account it won’t ask you for your email address, so then I have no way of sending you your pattern! In this case you’ve got to contact me first so I can get you your goods 🙂
The other problem might be that I’m asleep :3 I currently reside in Florida, USA, so if you’re on the other side of the globe I might not be awake when you sign up. So just be patient and I’ll email you your prize as soon as I can!

I’m already registered for updates, but I want this month’s pattern! What now?
This is exactly why I call it the Monthly Crafting Challenge ^-^ To earn an additional pattern you’ll need to sew up one of the many patterns I make available from my books, my Etsy, or the free patterns on my website here.

Allow me to describe an example :3
Say you signed up for email updates in February – awesome! And you got a free pattern for a Tuna Sushi plush shortly after signing up – sweet!
Then, come March, I announce a new pattern! This time it’s a California Roll plush. You want it with your entire being! To earn it, you work during March to make the Tuna Sushi plush. When you finish, you snap a photo and email it to me or message it to me on my Facebook. I and the rest of my awesome followers applaud you on your adorable creation, and I message right back to you with the pattern for March!

Note that instead of making the Tuna Sushi plush you could have also made a project from one of my books, a pattern you purchased from my Etsy, or even one of the over 50 free projects I offer on this very blog. As long as you submit a photo in March, you’ve earned the pattern!

I completely missed the chance to earn the pattern for (insert month here)! How do I get it?
I offer all of the patterns from previous months on my Etsy shop for a very inexpensive and fair price 🙂 You can buy them one at a time or get a value pack of the patterns from each year.

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      1. Hi there I subscribed today just want to confirm if you received or saw it 🙂 would like to get my hands on that super cute dragon pattern

  1. Does it count if I make something based on one of your patterns/tutorials but it isn’t exactly the same? For example, if I used your Moon Kitty Headband tutorial to make a bunny headband or if I used your Squid Pencil Pouch tutorial to make a squid plush? Or even if I scaled down your patterns to make mini versions of the plush toys?

    1. Thanks for subscribing! Sorry you didn’t get your pattern right away :/ Something must have glitched with WordPress. But I’ve sent it to the email linked to your comment, so hopefully you got it okay this time!

  2. First let me say, I found your Bat plush pattern on Pinterest and made it for my friend’s birthday. She absolutely loved it! Also, I just subscribed and confirmed to your blog but the pattern hasn’t gone through. Is there something wrong with the system?

    1. I’m so glad you like the bat pattern and it worked out well for your friend’s birthday!
      And thanks so much for subscribing! Sorry about the delay in getting the pattern; it went out last night so hopefully you received it. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

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