Free Pattern Friday! Arcanine Plush

Hi everyone!
Yet another adorable Pokemon has climbed its way to the top of my list, this time it’s Arcanine! It’s the evolution of Growlithe, and boy does it show! This cute puppy has a whole bunch of details compared to its first form.
It has a cute sitting pose with big front and back paws. It leans over a little onto its arms for more of that puppy look. It also has a cute chubby muzzle. But the real challenge is all of the fluff pieces. Arcanine has little accent tufts of fur all over, so they’re recreated here in minky. You could also do them in faux fur, but that can be expensive and hard to find in light yellow.
So this pattern is rated a 6/10 because of all the darts and curved sewing in the head but also all the time it takes to sew and attach the fluff pieces. Hopefully you’ll think it’s worth it, because the finished result is certainly impressive! Who could expect any less from a final evolution, right? 😂
As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the face and other details. These will work if you’re sewing the details by regular machine or by hand. If you have an embroidery machine, you’ll find the embroidery files available for download here or with the buttons below. Every file has a 4×4 friendly option, though there might be small changes made to the design or they might be rotated to fit. There are also in-the-hoop files for all of the fluff pieces, but those vary in size and you might need a bigger hoop for the larger pieces.
I hope you all like it!

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12 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Arcanine Plush”

  1. Awww he is so cute!
    I would love to see a cubone pattern in the future 💚

    I can’t find any good ones of cubone and it makes me sad

  2. Oh the temptation to use a long fur on the fluffy bits to make it look extra fluffy… But I have so many projects already, you make such amazing patterns!

  3. Aww perfection! Because you will surely get that plushie request a lot – What would you change to turn it into a Growlithe?

    1. Thank you so much!
      For Growlithe, it looks like you’ll want to leave off the forehead, head back, cheek, arm, and leg fluffs. Then you’d need to make the head back orange instead of light yellow and the belly light yellow instead of black. The ear shape will need to change to be flat on the top instead of pointed, and you’ll have to make a new fluff design for the mohawk on his head. You could probably use the center head back fluff from Arcanine for that if you don’t want to design something new — just reposition it for the top of the head.
      And lastly but least noticeable is you’d need to put just 3 stripes along the back instead of the complex design Arcanine currently has.
      Phew! Hopefully that all makes sense! ♥

      1. That makes sense, yes, thank you for your input!
        Sounds like pretty simple changes, the only thing that will trip me up is the stripes, but I will just have to try.
        When I was a kid I fell in love with Growlithe during episode 48, where “villain” James’ childhood was revealed and he had one named Growlie. You just don’t forget episodes like these.

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