Free King (from Owl House) pattern hack! 👑 Plus a store sale! ♥

Hello everyone! Any fans of The Owl House should hopefully recognize this cute Titan! As he gathered votes on my pattern poll, I saw the development going a lot of ways. Here’s what I came up with!
In official artwork of King, I thought he looked a lot like my older Standing Animal plush pattern. So first we have a free pattern hack to turn that pattern into him by swapping the head and adding other details. What’s great about that is it means he can wear clothes from my expansion packs! So if you want you can dress him up in different outfits! He’s got wide legs, so you’ll just want to be aware of that when making him pants. If your expansion pack mentions any pants for the dragon (which also has wide legs), pick that one.

I also thought he worked well with the Chinese Zodiac plush pattern, so I also have the templates and instructions to transform that base into King. I think it makes his proportions chubbier, but he sits on his own and is super cuddly!
And lastly, for those who aren’t able to buy a pattern, I have a 100% free version that has a more basic sitting body. That way you’re not left out of the fun.
All of these versions share King’s distinctive skull head with fangs, horns, clawed hands and feet, fluffy tail, and a cute little collar.
So if you have a copy of the Standing Animal plush or Chinese Zodiac plush you can make the first two options. With the pattern hack and embroidery files below. The base patterns are also on sale for the next week at 30% off if you’d like to buy a copy! To celebrate, everything else on my store is also 20% off too! This all lasts until Wednesday the 21st.

Or if you’d rather not buy anything, the 100% free pattern and embroidery files can also be found below. I hope you all enjoy getting to make this little guy, no matter which option you choose!

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19 thoughts on “Free King (from Owl House) pattern hack! 👑 Plus a store sale! ♥”

  1. I just wanna say I’ve been using your patterns for a couple years now and it’s pretty much because of you that I learnt to sew at all. I won’t be making this one since I have no idea who he is (he still looks pretty cute tho) but I just really wanted to let you know. You’ve helped me a lot and I’m very grateful that you still upload free patterns, thank you. Lots of love 💙

  2. Thank you but does one have to buy the zodiac pattern. It seems like other sitting patterns are similar or the same as the zodiac base, like the chibi steampunk animals. I own this. Is this body the same style as the zodiac?

    1. The pattern hack was made specifically so you can just plug it into the Chinese Zodiac pattern without any extra steps 😊 You could definitely use it for the Chibi Steampunk Animals too, though they are a good bit bigger and the arm construction is a little different. So you’d want to adjust the pattern hack for that.

  3. Eeeeeeeee. My daughter has an Owl house themed birthday coming up. Time to start sewing! THANK YOU ❤️

  4. I was wondering if Cholyknight is alright? She usually posts pretty regularly but hasn’t put anything up in awhile.

    1. Hello! Yes, so sorry about the delay! I actually just had a baby so I was taking a bit of a maternity break 😊 I’m also working on a rather big project for the next update, so I hope to have something in the next few weeks!

      1. Congratulations. I apologize for the intrusion just wanted to see if all was well.

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