End of Year Sale! ❄️ and New Cuddle Plush Pattern!

Hello everyone! And Happy Holidays!
This year I’m running an End of Year sale! So for anyone that prefers to do their shopping after Christmas, everything is at least 20% off from now through January 1st! Plus everything I produced (or updated) in 2022 will be 30% off!
And for those that already have everything, I also have a new pattern for the sale!

The idea started when I would get questions about turning my backpack plush patterns into a big cuddle plush. And it definitely works, especially if you use the belly pocket to store weighted beads or a heating pad. But it always made me want to design something with a better body shape and pose, since the backpacks have a very wide, flat body to maximize storage 😅

So what better way to warm up for the rest of the (northern hemisphere) winter than with this cuddly plush that comes with matching hooded pajamas! It has a belly down pose and you can fill the arms and legs with poly pellets for a nice weighted feel. At about 16″ long (20″ for the dragon), it’s a great size for flopping on your chest for snuggles.
There are 5 animals you can make, though it’s definitely adaptable for more! Included is a fox, tiger, rabbit (or jackalope), dragon, and unicorn. The pajamas zip up in the front and have openings for any wings or tail (or a really big tail, like the dragon), and slots in the hood for horns and ears.

As usual, the pattern comes with applique templates for the different eyes and body markings. But if you have an embroidery machine, you can buy the embroidery files separately. I hope you’ll give it a look, and I hope they’ll get to join you in some pajama parties!

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2022 and for all your support and love! 💖 I couldn’t be making all these fantastic designs without your input and encouragement. I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2023!

15 thoughts on “End of Year Sale! ❄️ and New Cuddle Plush Pattern!”

  1. I had an “accident” this morning and bought the Dino bundle – I may have to have another “accident” this evening! Utterly adorable as always and I look forward to making some of these cuties ^__^

  2. This is going on my “WANT: list. I need to sew up some of the others I have first though. Love them. Thank you for all the happiness you bring to us.

  3. I am using this to make a weighted plush and wanted to add a material that crinkles for the dragon’s wings for sensory. Is there any material you could recommend for the crinkle?

      1. Thank you so much! The cereal bag was a great idea! There’s a bunch of cereal boxes in my cabinet. And the bags were so easy to clean and cut.

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