Free Pattern Friday! Snorlax Plush

Hi everyone!
Looks like we’re finishing out the year with one more Pokemon! And it’s pretty perfect to have this big jolly boy that’s already so Santa-like for December. It’s the loveable sleepy Pokemon Snorlax! It’s a super chubby version that’s a decent bit bigger than the other Pokemon so far. It also has tiny pointy ears, and stubby arms and feet with tiny claws as well.
I found Snorlax came together a little faster than some previous patterns because it doesn’t have a lot of hand sewn pieces, just the arms and feet. But the claws are tiny and tedious. The face and belly also require some careful point matching to get the color placement right. With all that in mind, I rated it a 4/10.
As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the face and foot details. These will work if you’re sewing the details by regular machine or by hand. If you have an embroidery machine, you’ll find the embroidery files available for download here or with the buttons below. It includes the face, foot circles, and in-the-hoop sewing for the claws.
I hope you all like it, and thank you to everyone that voted for it!

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20 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Snorlax Plush”

  1. Sooo excited! I have been waiting for this! Sewing it up for my grandson for Christmas. It doesn’t print out the pictures though. Don’t know how to fix that 😞

  2. Pokemon character are the best for plushies. Thank you. Been buying your patterns lately, the patterns are easy to follow.

  3. hes so round, your pokemon patterns are better than most of the official plushies. also choly are some of your patterns heads interchangeable? i want to use a different head on your pterosaur plush to make a dragon wyvern thing and most of your plush heads look around the same size

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, most of my plush heads are interchangeable 😊 They might vary by 10% or 20% here and there, so if you needed help with a specific head I’ll certainly do what I can!

      1. Thanks! do you think the sitting t rex head would work? since the patterns are already so similar

  4. I am not a robot Google.

    With how many Pokemon plushie patterns you’ve been making recently, may I suggest a Zorua/Hisuian Zorua? They’re quite similar to Vulpix in appearance so you could possible repurpose those patterns too!

  5. Could you please share, which shades of fabric that you used for these. I know that you normally use Shannon cuddle 3, but looking online I am struggling to find the right color. Thanks!

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