Black Friday Sale! and New Pouch Pets Plush Pattern! 🍄

Hello everyone! And Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers in the US!
Like every year I’m running a Black Friday sale! It runs from now through November 30th.
It’s a ‘buy more, save more’ kind of sale where you get a larger percentage off your purchase depending on the number of items you buy ♥ So there are no coupons to remember, no dollar amounts to reach, everything discounts automatically!
If you just want 1-2 things, it starts at 20% off, at 3-6 items you get 30% off, and at 7 or more items you get 40% off!
(If for some reason the code doesn’t apply automatically, you can also use coupon code BF2230 for 4 items or more, and BF2240 for 7 items or more to override it ♥)
And for those that already have everything, I have a new pattern for the sale!

This idea started way back when I did the reversible dragons and unicorns. The reversible nature limited the shapes I could do, but if the pouch and plush are separate that means I can make all kinds of fun animals and pouches! And as a bonus I figure these would make fun holiday gifts since they come in their own wrapping!
The idea itself is open for loads of future possibilities (Pokeballs, anyone?) But I had to start somewhere, so I thought I’d stick with the classic dragon and unicorn, as well as some other animals that come from eggs, including a lizard, axolotl, and platypus. Meanwhile the egg pouch is joined by a strawberry and mushroom.
The animals have squishy beanie bodies that are filled with poly pellets. That not only gives them a nice weight and feel, but makes them nice and squishy for stuffing into the pouches! The pouches are fully lined zipper pouches that unzip all the way around the shape with a hinge in the back.
As usual, the pattern comes with applique templates for the different eyes and body markings. Buf if you have an embroidery machine, you can buy the embroidery files separately. I hope you’ll give it a look, and I hope they inspire some fun holiday surprises!

8 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale! and New Pouch Pets Plush Pattern! 🍄”

  1. Your plushies are the cutest everrrr!!!! I have downloaded many of your free patterns and can’t wait to finally make one! Thank you so much for your generosity sharing your talents!! <3 <3 <3

  2. I took advantage of that black Friday sale and I am so happy with my purchases! The free patterns you offer are also amazing. I haven’t been doing much else besides sewing since I discovered you last week!

  3. Ever since I came across this website, I have done nothing but sewing in my free time. Your patterns are soooo adorable! Thank you for inspiring me.

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