Free Pattern Friday! Platypus Plush

Hi everyone!
The next animal that’s risen to the top of my pattern poll is a platypus! What’s not to love about these adorable guys? This Australian monotreme has the awesome mix of a duck bill with a beaver tail and webbed feet. The plush version has all the same details in a chubby package.
The pattern has a good bit of darts in the head as well as some curved sewing for the bottom. But what might take the longest is the top stitching for the webbed feet as well as the hand sewing for attaching the arms and legs. With all that in mind, I rated it a 4/10.

As always, the pattern comes with applique templates to make the face details. These will work if you’re sewing the details by regular machine or by hand. If you have an embroidery machine, you’ll find the embroidery files available for download here or with the buttons below. It includes the face with an applique patch in the middle that serves as the upper ridge for the bill. Meanwhile the bill and feet can also be sewn in the hoop.
I hope you all like it, and thank you to everyone that voted for it!

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17 thoughts on “Free Pattern Friday! Platypus Plush”

  1. Aw, this is adorable! Your plush patterns are so intricate and helpful, and I’ve been having a great time making them 😀

  2. Can you make a tutorial on how to hand embroider the eyes? My daughter has a little experience in hand embroidery and wanted to hand embroider the eyes.

  3. Could you make a pattern with the 3 legendary Pokemon birds(Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)? Also, your patterns a very cute!

    1. Hola 👋 muchas gracias por todos tus patrones tus peluches son muy hermosos,me gustaría aprender a hacer mis propios muñecos,¿haz pensado en impartir un curso en Dometika?,eso sería genial,saludos.

  4. This is my first ever comment on a public profile. I’ve been looking desperately for a plush pattern cause my kids were impatient and couldn’t wait for Amazon (we are I. Dubai) and from all the sites and all the research nobody had given so much attention to details and put so much effort to make sure we understand the instructions. The sites were all confusing and get you into another site and another paiement (which I didn’t mind I just wanted desperately the chekout) Really you are a very generous heart and I’ll look right now on how to contribute even a tiny bit to y ou r page.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words! I’m so glad my patterns have been helpful and easy to access and understand ♥ I hope your sewing goes well and your kids enjoy the finished result!

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