New Shop Pattern & Sale! Moth & Butterfly Plush 🦋

Hello everyone!
I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop!
I’ve had a handful of requests for various moth & butterfly species over the years, and they’ve gradually ramped up until they eventually ended up on my pattern poll! Species such as a luna moth, rosy maple moth, and Venezuelan poodle moth came up a lot and you’ll find them in this set!

The pattern goes over how to make a very simple bug body, but you have your choice of a classic flying pose or a standing pose. Each version has a cute round head with tiny arms and legs. For the wings, you have your choice of either small wings for a sweet and simple plush, or large wings for a more epic version. The small wings stay upright fairly nicely without any support, while the large wings will be floppy unless you add in some wire.
For the wing designs, you can choose a species with lots of markings like the luna moth or monarch butterfly. Those will require a lot of applique or embroidery. Or if you pick the rosy maple moth, there’s no wing applique or embroidery needed at all since it’s just blocks of color. So all in all you have a lot of choices depending on how much time you want to invest.
The moths look especially cute when combined with fluffy long-pile minky for their bodies and necks. And even though I wouldn’t mind doing a dedicated Mothman pattern in the future (show your support on my pattern poll!), it would have been silly not let him have a cameo here 😂
As usual, the pattern comes with applique templates for the eyes and other details like all the wing designs. But if you have an embroidery machine you can purchase the embroidery files separately. The small wings are intended to fit 4″ x 4″ hoops and the large wings fit 5″ x 7″ hoops.

To celebrate the launch, the new pattern will be 30% off from now through the 2nd of March. Meanwhile the embroidery will be 50% off. And to celebrate, all other flying animals will be 20% off. Meanwhile the rest of my shop will be 10% off. I hope you’ll give it a look! And if you do, I hope you enjoy it! Thank you everyone that voted for this in the poll!

16 thoughts on “New Shop Pattern & Sale! Moth & Butterfly Plush 🦋”

  1. Those are beautiful job! Love them. The plush looks amazing on them. I have worked with plush before but I’d prefer working with cotton. How do you think they’d sew up with cotton fabric?

    1. Overall, the plush will look a little more elongated and the edges will look harder 😊 The curves (like the neck) might be trickier to sew as well since cotton doesn’t stretch. You also won’t be able to recreate the fluffy look of the moth. But other than that it will still sew up okay 💖

    1. For the one in the samples, I used the standing body with the large wings 😊 The wing applique was specifically the “mothman” wings, which is sort of a generic scalloped motif with those creepy moth wing markings that kind of look like eyes. But if I’m being honest, I think as long as your standing moth has a black & gray color scheme with red eyes, any wing design will look great ♥

  2. I wish I could get the pattern I love moths but I’m a beginner and it looks hard 🙁 maybe if practice a lot I’ll be able to make such cuteness!

    1. You absolutely could. Choly’s patterns are so well made and explained with pictures that even people who are new to sewing can achieve fantastic results. and practice will definitely make it easier to achieve great results

  3. I am so IN LOVE! Need this one! Going to buy it right away~ Thank you so Much for your inspiring makes Choly. You are an incredible designer.

  4. Bought this pattern as soon as I saw it! I love bugs, and moths are on top of my list (plus it’s a nice coincidence, since some artists are organising Moth Month March XD) Though I only started making it today, didn’t have time before ^^; I hope it’ll turn out good, since I don’t really use any existing moths’s colors ^^;

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