Holiday Sale! Plus new Prince & Princesses Expansion Pack

Hi everyone!
I’m having one last holiday sale for any last minute shoppers and makers out there!
And to add to the fun I’ve created another expansion pack pattern for my doll collection 👸

I’ve had a lot of requests for a classic prince & princess fairy tale combo. So this pack shows you how to make various dresses and princely clothing. The dresses are the classic style with puff sleeves and big full skirts. Though they have some variations that allow you to switch it up and even make them similar to the well known fairy tale characters. Meanwhile the prince clothes include an aristocratic ensemble that can easily be switched up to a more roguish look as well. There’s also a tiara, flower crown, slippers, boots, and gloves as final accessories.
This pack is compatible with all of my other dolls so far, so the main garments like the pants and shirts offer options to accommodate animal features like wings and tails.

If you’d like to make the new faces in embroidery, those files are sold separately. With them you can embroider filigree on the dresses or prince clothing, or intricate hair swirls for the new hair styles.
This new expansion pack is 30% off through December 22nd. Every other pattern or embroidery from 2021 is also 30% off — so this is a great chance to grab anything you missed from the past year! Meanwhile the rest of the shop is 20% off. I hope something in the new pack grabs your interest and you’ll give it a look! And if you snagged a copy of the new pattern, I hope you enjoy it!
Happy holidays everyone! 🎄 And thank you all for a wonderful year 🌟

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